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Job Search Workshop


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Every 1st Wed. ~ The place for job search. Job Search Workshop! We give you what you need to get a job and keep that job. We are the help needed by low income employed individuals.We have shows specifically for Veterans, Ex-Felons, Retirees, Graduates, New to Job Market, Laid-off or Fired. The basic Message to all job seekers: Listen to 21 Job Search WorkShop Shows of choice. Email with any concerns. Military Veterans, your local employment office has veteran representatives to help you. Visit until you get hired. My show material prepares all job seekers for JOBs. The material you find here works.... Your actions make it work. Research... Write a Plan... NETWORK... Ask for Job Leads... Talk to friends, Strangers, Career Counselors... Register at employment office... Attend Job Fairs... Do a resume for each job you want. You will get hired when you do these things. Get hired in less than 30 days. Let me know when you get hired.

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Your local employment office is a job search tool. Use this tool and speed up the job finding process. Job Seekers all too often think they have all their ducks in a row. Thinking you can get the job done, and getting the job done can be the... more

Job Seekers all too often think they have all their ducks in a row. Thinking you can get the job (done), and getting the job (done) can be the biggest lie you have ever told yourself. Yes, you are educated. You worked the last 10 years... more

You have a job, and you are tired of begging and borrowing and doing without. You are jobless, and you are tired of begging and borrowing and doing without. Learn to control wealth by creating wealth. Starting with what you have available,... more

Compile a resume that fits the job you want Identify and organize your skills to showcase you as the right person for the job Believe in your abilities and communicate verbally and body language your confidence.

Looking for places to job search? The best places to look for a job depends on you. Today's workshop we are going "Places to Look for a JOB". You lost your job? We want to help you find a job in less that 30 days. If you are ready to... more

Lack of computer skills extends job search and hurts employment opportunities. Basic computer skills are required for most jobs. But for those who will not use a computer in your line of work, you still need computer skills to find the job you... more

Getting hired involves three things daily. 1.a positive attitude moves your forward 2. appropriate clothing / builds confidence 3. time management skills / shows up in your every action These three area should top your list of strengths. For... more

Making money is necessary for job search. Budgeting your money keeps you prepared to do job search. You need money for accessories, hygiene items, transportation, toll booths, parking, lunch, hair care, child care, housing, food,... more

Computer skills are essential for job search. Using a computer for job search is not the same as using a computer for social networking. Your lack of computer skills extends your job search. You need to include learning to use the computer... more

To get a job you have to show yourself as ready to work. If you don't show yourself the perfect employee you won't get the job. You're not getting the job, right. Why not? Thanks for stopping by for today's show. Today we will talk with... more
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