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Every 1st Wed. ~ The place for job search. Job Search Workshop! We give you what you need to get a job and keep that job. We are the help needed by low income employed individuals.We have shows specifically for Veterans, Ex-Felons, Retirees, Graduates, New to Job Market, Laid-off or Fired. The basic Message to all job seekers: Listen to 21 Job Search WorkShop Shows of choice. Email with any concerns. Military Veterans, your local employment office has veteran representatives to help you. Visit until you get hired. My show material prepares all job seekers for JOBs. The material you find here works.... Your actions make it work. Research... Write a Plan... NETWORK... Ask for Job Leads... Talk to friends, Strangers, Career Counselors... Register at employment office... Attend Job Fairs... Do a resume for each job you want. You will get hired when you do these things. Get hired in less than 30 days. Let me know when you get hired.

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Your opportunity to get hired stops when you stop looking. Initiate job search actions daily. Start the ball moving. Keep the ball moving. Learn to find work here at BTR's only Job Search WorkShop. Write out plans and follow through.... more

I have a great piece of advice for the person with a felon on their record. Help yourself first. Do everything you can to get a job. Play ball, OK. Initiate the action. The ball is always in your court. Your opportunity to get hired stops when... more

Your past job title and salary could have been great. But this is an employers market. You could be worth all you earned. Expecting the same title and pay in a new job could be hurting your job opportunities. Review your job criteria... more

McDonald's is hiring. Do your research. Find out what positions are a possibility at McDonald's. Make sure you have a resume to fit each job you want. McDonald's is a $Billion company. Keep some recent work history

Atitude matters. Prepare for the job you would like to have. Your attitude can help you or hurt you. Based on what a person see or think they see can make a person like you or dislike you. Before they know if you do or do not qualify with... more

Resume content is the greatest factor in the reader getting to know your capabilities. List your skills and strengths based on the job you want. Your resume is the picture of an employee. The person you say you are. The resume is... more

Bring anticipation to job search activities. That excitement will carry over in your favor. Show hope in an attitude of expectation. Abilitiy to communicate desires to the person interviewing is a developed skill. Express the best you to the... more

Job Search Workshop is designed around feedback from listeners. Listeners do send emails. I received some great responses. I would like to share some email content, without including names of course. This will at least hopefully address... more

Do you know what industry you want to work in?

There are ways to get the job done today, like we never had before. Talk and supply others with information. Talk about what you need. Ask others for job leads. Are you getting job search material that's useful? Talk about happenings... more
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