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Every 1st Wed. ~ The place for job search. Job Search Workshop! We give you what you need to get a job and keep that job. We are the help needed by low income employed individuals.We have shows specifically for Veterans, Ex-Felons, Retirees, Graduates, New to Job Market, Laid-off or Fired. The basic Message to all job seekers: Listen to 21 Job Search WorkShop Shows of choice. Email with any concerns. Military Veterans, your local employment office has veteran representatives to help you. Visit until you get hired. My show material prepares all job seekers for JOBs. The material you find here works.... Your actions make it work. Research... Write a Plan... NETWORK... Ask for Job Leads... Talk to friends, Strangers, Career Counselors... Register at employment office... Attend Job Fairs... Do a resume for each job you want. You will get hired when you do these things. Get hired in less than 30 days. Let me know when you get hired.

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Today's show is designed to help you do job search with limitied searching for shows. I've selected several shows and linked them into this one show to save time. These are some of the most listened to shows. So get your pen and paper and lets start with necessary tools to help you Find a job in less than 30 days. I have shows available to help Ex-offenders find jobs PT1, and PT2. This show Military skills transfer to Civilian jobs helps veterans find work and this one is a list of military friendly businesses. You must begin to anticipate getting hired. Realize your attitude matters in job search. And be prepared to answer the question, why did you leave your last job! There are lots more shows in my archive files. If you have questions please use my message center to contact me and I'll respond by email. Thanks for listening to today's show. Plan on being around for less than 30days guys.
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Your past job title and salary was great. You had senority. You enjoyed the status of the job. Now you are jobless and this is now an employers market. You could or could not be worth all you earned in the past, but the past is the past.... more

Today I'll talk about two things people take for granted everyday. Clocks and job search! Clocks are never thought of until you need to know the time. Job search is never thought of until you need a job. There are 3 things you can do, always, to... more

To find a good job in a hurry you gotta have a workable plan. The way to make job search more productive and less time consuming takes a series of objectives. 1. Dealing With Setbacks of Unemployment 2. Goals and Career Choices... more

Support our veterans. 40 deaths of veterans is on the backs of every American. These are the prices of war, and should not the prices of war. We have a voluntary system of military defense. We are blessed as a country to have so... more

My workshops are loaded with material to help every job seeker. Many groups need specific kind of help and so many shows target specific groups. My advice to all job seekers is to be resourceful. Listen to job search shows, attend... more

300 Corporations, across America agreed to hire the long term unemployed. That's 300 corporation CEO's and every corporation has hundreds of companies where they can place the right employee. If you want to get a job in America... more

Hiring happens slower and the pay could be a lot less when job seekers are in abundance and jobs are not. Times like these are known as an employers market. An employers market puts the employer in the drivers seat of a bus full of... more

Where to go and what to do for a quick job search starting today. There is no need to remain unemployed. Just follow my lead and find yourself being offered a job within weeks of today. I'll explain here today how to get some traction into... more

Most people who are jobless need to go to work like yesterday. If training is not an option for you because you need money here at Job Search WorkShop, we can help today. We can't take you back to yesterday, but there are things you... more

Stop saying there are not jobs out there. You are wrong and everytime you say there are not jobs out there, you are making a case for yourself to fail at job search. There are jobs, positions open for the right applicant. So let's talk about... more
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