Episdoe 20: Self-Mastery and Teens + Wrap-up

The Underwhelmed Mom

The Underwhelmed Mom

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Episode 20 is a must-see....err....must-listen. Joanne will review the five steps to teaching self-mastery, but also featured in this episode is self-mastery and teen issues.

What do you do if you have not been teaching your children self-mastery all along, and they now are teens with disrespectful attitudes?

It CAN be done! :)

Be encouraged!

Joanne shares her tips on raising respectful teenagers after raising or having raised 7 teens...with one more to go.

Listen in to learn the natural link between self-mastery and high GPAs!

Self-Mastery is the most important element of the self-propelled advantage. While self-mastery is elusive and can never be completely achieved, we can always be moving forward on the path towards greater and greater self-mastery--and so can our offspring! :)

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