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Joan Cerio

Earth Energy Forecast


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Keep current with the latest Earth changes and pole movement, the science behind the changes, world changes, solar activity, aberrant weather patterns, astrological impacts, my intuitive insights as to the current energy, ways to ride the waves of change and live more consciously, how these changes are affecting us, and what we can do to affect positive change.

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Joan Cerio welcomes the founder of Subtle Energy Sciences, Eric Thompson, who shares how he became interested in subtle energy, his healing journey using subtle energy, and how the science of subtle energy will revolutionize our society in many ways, including health and longevity, human performance, consciousness expansion, and free energy technologies to power the modern world. Eric Thompson is the founder of Subtle Energy Sciences, LLC and began his healing journey into the world of consciousness technologies after struggling with bipolar disorder for nearly four decades. For the last 12 years, he has been researching and developing proprietary methods for producing and capturing subtle energies in digital form. He has also developed methods for amplifying subtle energetic waveforms and embedding them into digital media. This proprietary process results in digital media that, when opened and played on most electronic devices, broadcasts silent energy pulses that assist anyone in various areas of health, healing, consciousness expansion and human performance. Eric has a free offer for listeners: https://Subtle.Energy/release-the-past https://Subtle.Energy support@Subtle.Energy https://www.facebook.com/SubtleEnergySciences https://www.instagram.com/subtle_energy/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-thompson-36514314/
  • by Joan Cerio
  • in Spirituality
  • 01:30
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On-Demand Episodes

Joan Cerio welomes author and developer of Gaiagraphy, Peter Champoux, who will discuss how his work with Earth rings, sacred sites, and ceremony could mitigate the effects of the impending magnetic pole shift. Peter Champoux has... more

Jude Valentine takes a peek at the ingress chart for Uranus entering Taurus, considering the event is virtually simultaneous with the New Moon in Pisces, conjunct Neptune and Vesta, as well as Mercury conjunct Chiron at zero... more

In this show, along with the latest Earth changes update, I talk about the types of radiation and their effects on humans, the latest about radioactive waste management, and I touch on 5G radiation.

In this show, I share my energy insights for the week, the current Earth update and state of the planet, and why it is so important to wake up to these changes and to live more consciously on Mother Earth.

I discuss why Mother Earth is our focus this year with Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus in Earth signs along with the north node in Cancer, the sign that is associated with the energy of the mother. I share ways we can ride the waves of change... more

Brian Hawley, an Anishinabe Elder, speaks about their Seven Fires Prophecy, creation story, sacred sites, spiritual beliefs, sweat lodge, and how we can connect and stay connected to Mother Earth.

In today's show, I will talk about the Hopi Prophecy, the Mayan Calendar that ended in 2011/2012 through the eyes of Carl Calleman and Ian Lungold, how to navigate these changes, and the latest Earth news.

On this first show, I will introduce myself, why I started the show and why it is so important now, what to expect on the show, my latest intuitive energetic insights and current weather, volcanic activity, solar activity, environmental impacts... more