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Power Your Life with Dr. Jo Anne White brings you exciting, up-to-date information and strategies with savvy guests and experts to help you consciously create more success, health and wellness in every area of your life, work and relationships. Dr. Jo Anne White is an award winning, best-selling, internationally recognized author and speaker and certified life, leadership and business coach. She guides and empowers others to overcome adversity, access their inner power and turn challenges into opportunities to create more personal and professional success.

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Stop sabotaging your Financial Success! Julie Ann Cairns wants to help you live abundantly! Are you ready to embrace prosperity for yourself? Isn't it time to stop sabotaging your own wealth by busting the 7 Money Myths, and start building your personal wealth. It's possible once you open your eyes and gain new insight into what has kept you from living in the luxury you desire. Julie Ann worked in the Finance and Wealth Creation industry for 25 years before discovering her passion for helping others gain financial abundance. In her own life, she experienced luxury and tough financial circumstances, both during her childhood due to bad financial choices made by her parents, and then in her adult life. Now, Julie Ann helps others overwrite their subconscious financial beliefs and be successful! For more information about Julie Ann Cairns, visit: http://theabundancecodebook.com/ For more information about Dr Jo Anne White, visit: https://www.drjoannewhite.com/
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Does the fear of being harmed stand in your way of venturing outside or in new situations? Tracy is an experienced martial artist, has years of marketing experience, and worked for Fortune 500 companies. Charley has over 30 years... more

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Get ready to find the Warrior within you! Lori Tsugawa Whaley is an Inspirational Speaker, author, and life coach who is on a mission to empower women. Through the Samurai code known as Bushido, Lori teaches how to embrace the way... more

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Dr. Scott Glenn is a distinguished speaker and a Doctor of Education with an MBA in Business Administration. He's an Instructor of Business/Economics and Marketing at The Pennsylvania State University, serves on the board of... more

Get ready to change your life, rid yourself of dis-ease, and love yourself again! Jenny Mannion is an Alternative Healer and Author. She healed herself from several chronic diseases and defied doctors' predictions of being... more

Inner city kids are being given the chance to change their futures. Change For Kids is an organization that helps inner city children and schools get the funding they need to put kids on the right track for success. Colin Smith has been the... more

Marc Allen is an author, composer, entrepreneur, and internationally renowned seminar leader. He is also the co-founder of New World Library with Shakti Gawain. In Tantra for the West, Marc shows how the practice of Tantra is still... more

Actress, Model and Activist, Farrah Krenek, talks candidly about her life, the impact of her films, and acceptance and the changing tide toward gay women in life and film. Farrah Krenek has acted in Orange is the New Black,... more