Weekly Fantasy Wrap up

Weekly Fantasy Wrap up


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Wrap up of the fantasy week for our fantasy football league.

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Playoff Matchups and Junk

The regular season has ended and now it's the reason for the season. Presents! I mean Playoffs! We've talked about them at length the last couple weeks and well now the proof is in the jello of what we know.

Week 12 Wrap Up....what can we say? Let's just start with the fact that El Commish Chris and Bye Week Manager Justin will go over matchups. We'll talk playoffs. We'll make jokes that no one gets. We'll talk about things other than... more

El Commish Chris and Bye Week manager Justin will be talking about the playoff possibilities for those that aren't already in and maybe take a look ahead at how the playoffs will play out. It should be the best playoff show of the week for our... more

Week 11 and playoffs are around the corner. Due to the lack of entries of guesing how many times playoffs was said in the playoff show I will take the prize money and buy myself a round at the local watering hole. Okay wait! what? I'm now... more

El Commish Chris and Bye Week manager Justin will preview the playoffs and the possiblities of what they may be. Should be a great discussion, well it would be if the show is hosted by someone else!

Week 10 where the players are real but the points don't matter. Atleast for one matchup this week. El Commish Chris and Bye Week manager go over the matchups of week 10, take a look ahead to week 11 and maybe talk playoffs.... more

9 weeks down and playoffs are nearing. If your name isn't Lauren then you still have a chance at making it into the playoffs. El Commish Chris and Bye Week manager Justin will be going over Week 9 Matchups and give their expert... more

El Commish Chris Snyder will be giving his insight to all matchups this week and Wrap Up Host Justin will be spreading his bitterness to all those who are listening in this edition of Fantasy Wrap Up.

Bye Week Manager Justin Maddox and our fearless leader El Commish Chris Snyder will come with their incredible insight to this wonderful game of foosball. Wait. What's that? This show is about fantasy football? Okay well we're going to... more