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The show is about helping men and women get information and insight on their relationships, love, sex and dating.

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Highlights of this season's best topics. Call in to discuss and give your comments, about any of the topics of past shows.

How important is the credit of the person you are dating? Who is the most difficult to deal with when they make the most money men or women? Should you get a prenup if marriage is being considered?

One of the hardest things to do, is raise a child as a single parent. To be a single mother raising a son is even more difficult, because women don't have an understanding of what it takes to become a man. Some Do's and Don'ts for... more

Men you can't turn a H_ _ into a Housewife. So many men are spending hours and money at the strip clubs, believing that the dancers they meet, likes them for who they are. FYI men most strippers aren't stripping to pay for college.

Why do some women spend 6-10 hours getting there hair done, with weaves and fancy hair styles, but don't take an hour to work out and get their body in shape. Why do women refuse to go out without getting their nails and feet done, with... more

Did Donald let his cheating expose his racist views of black people? Should a racist be allowed to own a NBA team that is 80% black, in a league that's 80% black? How does a man cheat with someone of the same race, that he doesn"t... more

Men if you are dating in 2014 chances are the woman you meet will have kids. According to official numbers, 42% of all births was out of wedlock. If you are dating a Black Woman chances are even higher, because they account for... more

Many of the shows that portray black women show them as mean, loud, selfish, and unlady like to say the least. Some examples are "Housewives of Atlanta", "Love and Hip-Hop", and "Basketball Wives". These reality shows depict Black... more

This show will help women with some of the do's and dont's of the first date. Help women understand why after a good first date for her, he doesn't want a second date. How women can evaluate if a man is potentially right for her. How... more

Listen to the show this Saturday and find out who likes sex more. Do some men and women still feel uncomfortable having oral sex in 2014? Can men really tell if their partner is having an orgasm or just faking it? Tune in to hear the... more