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In a world where the only constant is change,every Tuesday at 5pm CST and 6pm EST tune into the "What's Nest Radio Show" to gets tips, tools and techniques that will empower you to thrive in your ever changing world and define "What's Next" for you. Hosted by two thought provoking and inspirational women Kay Ray and Janet Christensen- Both well-educated by the school of life and who know, that just when you think you've got your act together someone changes the script.

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How are you at setting boundaries for yourself? Do you know when to say when. Do you give yourself a break, put you first without beating yourself up about it? That is some of what we are gong to talk about today.

This week our show is on Thursday January 27th, instead of our customary Tuesday evening. In last weeks radio show we talked about choosing a theme for 2011 and that doing this would inevitably result in challenges arising afterwards.... more

What's next for you? Design 2011 to be your year. On this show we will discuss choosing a theme for 2011 and what this will invite for you. Did you set New Year's resolutions, and if so, have you broken them yet? Find out how one... more

We all have had a time or two in our lives when nothing is working for us. during those times it seems that instead of life being a bowl full of cherries, we were handed a sack of lemons. Not being a fan of being told to "Just make... more

Today on What's Next Radio we ask the questions:Did you make a New Years Resolution?! Why? It seems that we all have done it at one time or another. Some of us have succeeded while the rest of us stay on the roller coaster of... more

The impact that one seemingly average persons life has in this world goes unnoticed by the general public - we think. During this segment we will share a story of one such person,the impact they had and what it could mean to us.

“Being first” - now there is a provocative phrase. It can mean varied and different things, depending on your perspective. Being first can mean winning a contest of some kind. It can mean putting yourself at the top of the list and ensuring... more

In this episode we will be discussing the facts about stress, busting the myths and learning how you can effectively deal with it without pulling out your hair or banging your head against the wall especially during this holiday season. We... more

You are born with at least 5 super powers. Hang out with a 2 or 3 year old and you will see these in action. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our life experiences cause us to create stories - some positive and some negative. These stories... more

What are self- imposed limitations? Why do so many people settle for mediocre lives instead of going for great or extraordinary? What areas of our lives do these limitations show up? How can we overcome them? As children we don’t have... more