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Jimmy and Bernie are ready to go defending truth, justice and the American way. They are in their new time slot, on Thursdays at 7:00PM Eastern with an all new Let's Talk Justice America, new format and new guests. Follow Facebook and Twitter for updates, and blog comments. We especially want to invite all of our liberal and progressive friends to join us and offer their opposing views. Join us in our triumphant return Thursday September 5th 2013, at 7:00PM Eastern and Lets Talk Justice America!!

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In the past few weeks ISIS and who knows else has targeted Military and Law Enforcement Personnel for attacks and no leadership on this issue from the White House. Ebola is coming from Western Africa and yet we do not order a travel... more

The elections are just one short month away and the political pundits are already discounting them, and focusing on 2016. They are downplaying the importance of this Mid-Term election, implying that they vote you will ever make, because... more

As fast as you can say terrorism, yet another threat comes to light. New radical Islamic groups, stronger Al Qaeda, or yet another plot against the Homeland. There is so much to talk about this week that it would be hard to summarize it... more

Child Abusers and wife beaters, welcome to the National Football League! Or maybe not? If the victims refuse to prosecute, should the NFL pass out sanctions? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Why is it that again the... more

Join Jimmy and Bernie today September 11, 2014 at 7:00PM EDT for a Special Edition of Let's Talk Justice America, honoring those we lost and those who continue to serve. It seems like yesterday we lost over 3000 Americans to... more

In less than a week, two American Journalists were beheaded by savages, who now know they can get away with anything because of your indecisiveness. Putin has all but claimed Crimea and knows there will no American Intervention.... more

Open Lines Thursday is here and Jimmy and Bernie want to hear from you! Immigration, Terrorism, Taxes, or Ferguson, you drive the show. Join them today at 7:00PM EDT for another addition of Let's Talk Justice America, on the... more

The world is in turmoil, and we live in an uncertain realm, freedom loving people here in the United States, and other countries around the world are under attack. The Truth, Justice and American Way slogan, has given way to Fundamentally... more

There is not a single isssue in today's world,that is not affected by the United States and its policies, nor is there an issue in the country todaythat is not affected by the Obama administration's policies. These issues and crisises are... more

In what seems to be a never end stream of crisis situations, Team Obama never fails to rise to the occasion, by never resolving one crisis before allowing or creating the next one. Following Alinsky's rule # 5 : ?Ridicule is man's most... more
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