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The Rising Tides Of American Politics

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The tide within American politics is rising on a daily basis, and the average American will not be able to survive the tidal wave that is slowly rising within America. The POTUS is a threat too the safety security and soverignty of this once great nation. The American citizen today is witnessing a growing police state, an intrusive watchdog that peers thru cameras on every street corner, the BIG BROTHER of oppression and tyranny.


The puppet masters within Washington D.C continuously move the sheeple too and fro with propaganda.  "We the people" should be changed too "We the Sheeple'!!


The citizens should demand the Impeachment of the POTUS, immediately following his removal from office we should work on impeaching Pelosi, Bohner, Reed, Cantor and all the other Socialist and Communists, OH!! and the Muslim Brotherhood members as well..


God Bless You and God Bless America

Barak Obama
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