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Obamas License To Kill American Citizens

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Bringing the World and Bible together on the Howie Unveils Gods Shield (H.U.G.S.) radio show, examining current world events while understanding the Biblical call to bless Israel. The Obama adminstration sent up flares, and fireworks on the announcement of killing Anwar-Alwaliki and Sahir Kahn, two AMERICAN CITIZENS killed by a drone attack while sleeping in a house in Yemen.  We must accept the fact in the DRONE conversation that TWO AMERICAN citizens tied to terrorist groups where killed by their own governemnent without due process of the law.  Howie understands they where deemed terrorists, however, their AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP should have allowed for due process, innocent until proven guilty.  The gov has also acknowledged NO CHARGES OR INDICTMENTS where issued against the two American citizens.. Listen and discern!!

The men and women of our Armed Forces are true defenders of Liberty and Freedom throughout the world. for current world events and over 120 live active scrolling news links with up to date world news.

I cover the middle east, politics, and military movmements across the globe, visit and discover truth about Israel.

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