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Beelzebub Obama Islam And Jihad

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Bringing the World and Bible together on the Howie Unveils Gods Shield (H.U.G.S.) radio show, examining current world events while understanding the Biblical call to bless Israel. I fully support our Armed Forces and will defend thier position within the world. The book of Matthew 12:24 speaks of Beelzebub, a pagan god. The worshippers of Beelzebub declared him the "The Lord Of The Flies" and Howie has now dubbed the POTUS the Beelzebub because of all his encounters with flies. Islam is on the rise across the world and Jihad is their way, as death, destruction and mayham sweep across Mali, Algeria, and Europe.

The men and women of our Armed Forces are true defenders of Liberty and Freedom throughout the world. for current world events and over 120 live active scrolling news links with up to date world news.

I cover the middle east, politics, and military movmements across the globe, visit and discover truth about Israel.

So, stop doing what your doing and listen to me every Mon-Friday 10am-12pm, because everyone could use some H.U.G.S.

Visit my virtual store at and help us bless an Israelite tonight as we use the proceeds to assist them in relocating to their home country, countries such as Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland etc.

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