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The Truth Behind Egypts Governmental Collapse

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HUGS Radio Show

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Bringing world events and Biblical predictions together. We are allowing the world and Bible to collide on this 2 hour live call in radio show. We are witnessing challenges across the world which are affecting our present and potentially our future. We examine these events and evaluate each one against what the prophets of old wrote within the scriptures and see if their vision are applicable within the world today. The current middle east collapse of Egypts moderate muslim government is paramount within the realm of Bible prophecy. The world evaluates events based on freedom and liberty, however, the only government completely based on the ideology of freedom and liberty is America and we are loosing those freedoms daily. We must evaluate the events of the world by what the prophets wrote within the scripture. The collapse of Egypts government falls within the parameters outlined within Ezekiel 38 prophecy. Join us, bring your Bible, your phone and a cup of coffee, call in and join the discussion.
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