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The Cross Is Heavy, The Reward Is Great

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The challenge we face as Christians each and everyday differs as does our personalities. The life we should live as Christ-minded individuals is different than the life many of us live, for fear of failure. We are critiqued as being Holy rollers, judgemental, intolerant and divisive by the world and sometimes succumb to the pressure of living a Christ-minded life. The reality is as Christ-minded individuals we should focus on the life of Christ sometimes more than the Love of Christ, even tho the Love of Christ is what put Him on the cross for each and every one of us. Jesus, born into mortality lived as a sinless man for 33 years to show us that we could overcome sin through his love, however, we would suffer the same trials and tribulations as He did, even the most difficult ones. His life was an example to all of us even to point of failing to carry our own cross during our journey. We will fail(stumble)and through discipline and fellowship we can overcome. Jesus loved us so much that He himself failed in carrying His own cross, just as some of us have failed within our own lives to carry our own cross. Join us, bring your Bible, your phone and a cup of coffee, pick up your cross, call in and join the discussion.
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