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Heart Centered Loving

Heart Centered Loving


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Every show we will look at an aspect of life that will connect and balance your heart and head

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Life is filled with experiences. Some are fearful, mundane, filled with anger or hate, negative, stressful, occassions for worry, terrifying, upsetting etc. Our challenge is to find the joy in every experience. When we are able to find the joy... more

Change is a constant fact of life! Change and problems are twins. We need to be able to identify what skills we have on our tool belt of life to use to cope with the changes we are experiencing. We will talk about the skills we have to deal with... more

Society has brainwashed us into believing that when something "bad" happens to us we are a victim. We have all heard that we have all the answers inside of us. Our challenge is to ask better questions so we can explore who we are and... more

We will continue our discussion on forgiveness and how vital it is to leading a happy, healthy, loving life. The only way you can live a life filled with joy, happiness and love is to let go of the burden of past hurts by forgiving... more

Christmas is the time of the year where we are the most loving,and the most giving. Let us celebrate this by opening up to being loving when there is also a lot of stress during this time of the year. The most important person to love is... more

The choices you make are the single most important determining factor in the quality of your life! And you have an infinite number of choices. Today we will look at choices that will empower you and bad choices that will create negative... more

Prepare your heart for your creator ( God, Jesus, etc) to move in and live a perfect life of loving! Heal your broken heart. Forgive, release anger, hostility, fear, low self esteem. Create inner peace, self love, a knowing that you will manage... more

Forgiveness is releasing the emotional attachment to the event. We will discuss the physical, emotional and spiritual cost of non forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn't condone behavior!. It releases you from your unhealed past allowing you to... more

Our thoughts are constantly creating our reality, our future. If we are consciously aware of our thoughts we have the opportunity to choose the thoughts that will create the future we want. If we aren't monitoring our thoughts our future... more

Society has taught us that we are victims! When we believe we are victims we have given up our power and we can easily be manipulated and controlled. When we believe we are victims we blame everybody and everything for the mess... more