Heart Centered Loving

Heart Centered Loving


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I think this show is the most important key to a happy life. That is, the ability to love yourself! For many of us when we were babies our parents loved us unconditionally until they developed expectations for us. When we fulfilled these... more

Today we are going to begin a 9 part series on how to have a happy life. I am convinced that everybody wants to be happy and most have no idea how to do that. We will begin with self acceptance! To many of us we are our worst... more

Let us celebrate by opening up to being loving when loving is hard. The most important person to love is yourself. Love yourself by taking care of yourself. Love is the greatest gift we can share. There is an infinite amount of love. Share... more

Being a mom is the most amazing role any human ever takes on. From my point of view it seems to be a life time job. Amy Kelso- will join me to discuss the joys and sorrows of being a mom. This show is a tribute to moms of all ages.... more

How different would your life be if you are patient with yourself, with those you love, those you interact with on a daily basis, and those you only have one encounter with in your whole life? Today we will look at the obstacles we place... more

Virtually all of us have been vulnerable and have had our hearts broken because somebody abused this trust. The pain was so intense that most of us shut down our heart and refuse to let anybody get close to us again because we... more

We all have problems and at some time we all are in a state of fear! We need somebody to listen to us. But very few people know how to listen. We will explore what it means to listen to somebody else. Some just want to have somebody to... more

Life is filled with experiences. Some are fearful, mundane, filled with anger or hate, negative, stressful, occassions for worry, terrifying, upsetting etc. Our challenge is to find the joy in every experience. When we are able to find the joy... more

Change is a constant fact of life! Change and problems are twins. We need to be able to identify what skills we have on our tool belt of life to use to cope with the changes we are experiencing. We will talk about the skills we have to deal with... more

Society has brainwashed us into believing that when something "bad" happens to us we are a victim. We have all heard that we have all the answers inside of us. Our challenge is to ask better questions so we can explore who we are and... more