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Heart Centered Loving

Heart Centered Loving


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Every show we will look at an aspect of life that will connect and balance your heart and head

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Today I am going to share a channeled writing I wrote this week and discuss it. It talks about unity consciousness, Fear,Unconditional love, the sacredness of life, releasing our notions of how life works, letting go of our false beliefs, creating a... more

In every one of our lives we are going to encounter problems, challenges, stresses, change, relationship issues, broken hearts, death, health issues, career issues, etc. Schools don't teach us the skills that we need in order to deal with... more

Today I will share my journey from being brought up as a strict catholic with 18 years of catholic education. I'll talk about how I bought the dogma 100%. I never questioned "the church". Then I'll share the one question that changed my life.... more

In order to have a happy life you must love yourself first! Mom and dad didn't know how to love themselves,therefore they couldn't teach you how to love your self. Now it is your job to teach yourself how to love yourself just the way... more

It is easy to get lost in the stress of everyday life and forget who we really are and what our purpose is here on earth in this body. Our challenge is to be constantly aware that we are our soul. Our soul has inhabited our body to have human... more

Mind Body Spirit connection We begin our discussion today of the Sacred Trinity that we have co created to enable us to move through our life on earth. We will begin this multi- part series by discussing how we co created our life before we... more

On almost every show I mention Terry Cole Whittaker's book "What You Think of Me is None of My Business." This week she is my guest. She has authored 5 other books including New York Times #1 best seller "How to have More in a... more

Life is messy. Love is messy. Like everything else in life the more we know about it the better we are at it. There is a saying: practice makes perfect. I don't believe that. Perfect practice makes perfect! If we keep doing the wrong things over... more

We've talked about love and we've talked about relationships. Today we will talk about how to create loving relationships. We will discuss all the things that we say and do that sabotage and destroy relationships. Then we will look at... more

I think this show is the most important key to a happy life. That is, the ability to love yourself! For many of us when we were babies our parents loved us unconditionally until they developed expectations for us. When we fulfilled these... more