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It's time to THINK Like a BLACK BELT with Jim Bouchard...personal development, lifestyle, business and more. Fascinating guests, no holds-barred discussions, humor and great advice for creating the life you deserve!

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In these hectic and challenging times, we're all struggling to create the perfect balance between work and home life. The question is – HOW can we do it? Is it possible to find harmony in all we do without sacrificing the things... more

What do RELATIONSHIPS have to do with business and marketing success? Plenty! Think about it – wouldn't you rather do business with someone who knows you, and understands your needs? Our guests share their strategies for... more

Just get laid off? Didn't get the job you wanted? Feel like you're constantly mining for opportunities without results? Did you know you have ALL you need to create success? Today's guests show you how – they've been there! Deb Scott,... more

Got a book in you? Today's guests will help you share your message…with the world! For those expecting Christa today, she's under the weather (and we hope her a speedy recovery!) Filling in: Ken Lizotte, thought leading expert and... more

Internationally renowned author and media host Jon Hansen joins forces with Dr. Richard Weinblatt, "The Cop Doc" take us behind the curtain of law enforcement in America providing you with a never before look at how police interact with... more

Think Like A Black Belt – The Show started with very humble origins. We reached out through Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, and other social media platforms. We continue to blog, share, pitch, invite and cultivate. We're now at... more

Fathers' Day is coming up soon -- our guests are both Dads with a story! Jim Higley, author of Bobblehead Dad: 25 Life Lessons I Forgot I Knew, shares his inspirational story about his journey through cancer, fatherhood, and the... more

What does it take to be a champion? Our guests share their strategies for success, on and off the playing field! Dr. Jack Singer not only speaks all over the world, but he is a Professional Sport Psychologist and he has been training... more

What does etiquette mean in today's society? What can we do to put our best foot forward when we're out in the real (and virtual!) world? Anna Post, the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, is a modern etiquette expert. Anna... more

How often do you find yourself listening to the little voice in your head? DeDe Mercer Moffett tells you to "Wake up, Stand up and Snap out of it!" She educates audiences on the power of the mind and how to implement the techniques... more
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