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Today's show will feature Latue Bodegas, the largest organic winery in the world, located in Castillo-La Mancha, Spain. Next up is the NM State Fair Wine Competition, sponsored by the Vine & Wine Society at which I was a wine judge. Finally, I will discuss The Lodge of Cloudcroft, one of the most fascinating lodges I've ever stayed at.

The show features virtual tours of wine regions, with reviews of wines and restaurants I discover along the way. These include must-have wines and bargain wine recommendations. The format has a 10 minute interview with chefs that specialize in food & wine pairing, or with quality wine makers.

Food & wine pairing recommendations from chefs, wine makers, and other wine writers as well as my own favorite pairings are featured. Along the way I'll add food & wine pairing basics and wine appreciation basics. Listeners are encouraged to call-in or write me at Jim@jim-hammond.com. I will respond to every email question without fail.

See my website www.southwesternwineguy.com for detailed descriptions of wine regions, wine tours, bargain and must-have wines and summaries of each show.

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