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The age old question in life is, “What came first…the chicken or the egg?” The age old question for business owners is, “What comes first…success or confidence?” Some might say that success breeds confidence. Considering the incredibly high failure rate of new businesses I think that a new question needs to be asked. “What comes first…success or the knowledge to succeed?” The Xtra-Ordinary Business Builders Radio Network is a series of radio shows designed to instruct business owners on what they must know to survive and grow.

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GET WRITING! With Karen Rowe The Secret Power Of Naming - Get a book title that people love around the world! My Guest this Tuesday is Canon Wing. Canon Wing has named products that have earned billions worldwide for over two decades. She centers her work in helping international brands and entrepreneurs alike step into a greater future by naming it. Canon started her career after a namer discovered her at a poetry reading she was giving. She was hired to name humus and spent the day in Mediterranean restaurants getting inspired. Her first time at bat and her name, ?Hungry Sultan,? was selected out of thousands submitted and passed international trademark. She was hooked. Her new best friend confessed to Landor Associates that she had hired a ghost namer/poet and they might want to try Canon out. She's named for international household names such as Hershey's, Kia, Capitol One, Stouffer's, Kraft, Puma, Best Buy and yes she's even named for Canon. She named their projector Realis. She was inspired while on a 6 week honeymoon in India with her husband. It was a dream come true; a Realis. A recipient of a National Endowment For The Arts (NEA) Grant in poetry, Canon is a recognized Namer and has been featured in Marie Claire, Freedom Fast Lane, Visionocity and Woman Business Owners International. Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 7:00pm EST. Its' Time To Get Writing! With Karen Rowe.
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The Building Your Extraordinary Business Radio Program! My guest this evening is Esmonde Holowaty, inventor/author of two books "Unleash The Billionaire Within and The Essential Secrets of Internet Successes and Failures." Esmonde... more

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Show Me The Money! If you're in need of financing and everywhere you go you get the same answer.....NO! Tune into this show. My guest this evening is Susan Carlson, President and CEO of Smart Finance Options, Inc. She'll teach you how... more

The Building Your Extraordinary Business Radio Program! My guest this evening is Mark Anthony Germanos. Here's more about Mark: Mark Anthony Germanos is a trusted adviser. He can help you run your business smarter,... more

The Building Your Extraordinary Business Radio Program! Sixty-Seconds to Yes! My guest this Wednesday is Don Spini, author of the #1 Best-Seller "Sixty-Seconds to Yes!" Don personally conducts over 150 sales training... more

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My guest this evening is James Timothy White. Here's more about James: James Timothy White, 26, is an entrepreneur, author and the Chairman, President & CEO of Eurotex Finanz Inc. (www.eurotexfinanz.com) ; an international merger... more
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