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I got my first computer in 1978. I have been on line 24/7 since 1982. I have been blogging since June of 1982.

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This will be part 2 of our talk about the good old days of computers and bulletin board systems and the start of the Internet. Call in and add your 2 cents.
Jim Howard

June 11th 3 PM Broadcast

  • by Jim Howard
I did a 1 hour broadcast at 3 pm today June 11 (2008) and had no callers. It is not a problem for me to talk one hour. My guess is that it is a problem for someone to listen to me for one hour. Smile I had no callers. I am going to do... more

We will play it by ear and get input from callers. I think we will talk about the early days of computers (TRS-80, Vic-20, C-64 etc). Talk about bulletin board systems and connecting at 300 baud.
Jim Howard

How my first broadcast went

  • by Jim Howard
I just wanted to update you on how the first 30 minute broadcast went on BlogTalkRadio. It was very easy and I did 30 minutes and I got one caller. That one caller was a big help because it let me see how to put a caller on the... more

This is my first show on BlogTalkRadio. I am just trying it out and seeing how it works. Not sure that anyone will have time to call in or that I will know how to get them on the air.
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