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Corporate Mentality!

  • Broadcast in Lifestyle
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Do you believe you should prosper and live happily?  I sure hope so!  If you lost that childlike belief, let me help you get it back!

Do you believe that your government should protect whatever it is that you create which is of value to yourself and others?

Do you believe anyone should have a right to take from you without giving you value in return?  Did you learn what stealing was as a child?  I thought so!   Then, why have you given up that "childlike curiosity" to make sure right is right and wrong is wrong?

A government should protect the people and the values they create -- they have no other legitimate role!  Corporations all start because one creator wants to protect that which they created and the people who work in the corporation -- and, yes sadly they can get corrupted like a politician, a preacher, a teacher, a child, an adult... we can all get corrupted because we are flaw-filled humans!  But, no one should be able to take a force upon you baby!

Since corporations pay less in taxes shouldn't we all become a corporation instead of a minimum wage earner?

Come join your host "Just Jill" as she takes your mind places you may never have been before!