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Who catches your eye? What turns you on? What tickles your fancy? We talk about it all. From the girl next door or the boy down the block we're all talk! Put the Petal to the Pedal!

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Did you Grandma know more than the rest of the world? Was your Grandma loving and happy all the time or was she a grump that dictated what the family did? What fond memories or horror stories do you have about Grandma? How do our Grandparents effect the world?
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Take the microphone here at Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets! Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Let's talk about what matters in life. E equals MC squared you know! The Energy is out of site and unequal to anything else here. Join Sabrina... more

I know some people use different words for those catch letters! I thought it might catch your eye! Many times I hear the WTF used it is because someone is in shock about the following masses. Why do we follow when we were created to... more

HI THERE! Let's have some fun!

Why not focus on prosperity instead of focusing on poverty.

Is it really Monday? Why do we have to HAVE days of the week? Who said I work better on Monday? Not I! I like to work on Saturday and Sunday when my friends can join me! Do we pass on too many bad habits to our children including the... more

Sabrina and Company have the microphone while Jill takes the day off! You get your opportunity at the mic. Sabrina will lend it and take it back as she feels works for the value of her show! Come find out what life can be like. Enjoy her... more

What is your favorite sound? Do you have a part of nature you love to hear? Do you like a particular instrument? Do you prefer a tenor over a bass voice? Do you like to be the one making the noise you like to hear or do you prefer to listen to... more

What is the whackiest thing you have ever seen or done? Let's not talk about others, but, instead talk about activity! What action did you take that took you to a new level of living or took you down? The power of choice sure makes a... more

Remember being glad Tuesday was here in grade school? No??? Me neither! I actually liked the days when we had Physical Education so I could pass the basketball! I liked choir day, but, Tuesday held no significance to me! It was time... more

What influence did your Mama have in your household when you grew up? How important does gender? Let's talk about our Mamas! How did she affect the entire household?
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