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Sweet Perfume Leather Jackets

Sweet Perfume & Leather Jackets!


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Who catches your eye? What turns you on? What tickles your fancy? We talk about it all. From the girl next door or the boy down the block we're all talk! Put the Petal to the Pedal!

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What makes a lady notice a man? What will keep her coming back for more? What matters most to a lady when searching for a life partner? What can you offer to this topic of conversation? Is it more than love at first sight?
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If you want to challenge your mind then call Sabrina. She will think through whatever you bring her and make you see life differently. She is an artist and can see in pictures so you just might be completely amazed if you come listen to... more

What does your zodiac sign mean to your everyday living? Do you pay attention to it? Do you read it before or after your day? Do you only date those who are the right sign for you? Have you ever broke your rules on dating? Do you have... more

Really, what makes boys and girls alike or different? Why is this such an important topic and why does every child need to know their biological nature? Can it be that feigning a separation in a certain area is causing poverty?... more

Do you run? Have you ever competed in a race? How did you feel? What is it about running that makes it so easy or so difficult? Can we learn something from runners?

Really, I am supposed to add value to our love life? Seriously? I think you should be the one who puts all the time and effort into making this relationship work! What makes love fun and inviting?

Will you speak up at Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets today? Be the "Company" for Sabrina as she takes you to new places with her wild imagination and integrated thinking. She doesn't just talk to talk, she helps you see pictures... more

Are you different than others? Of course you are? Don't accept labels! What do you think your purpose in life is? What is your very essence? Are you living your essence or are you living the life you were patterned to live? What? Did you... more

What makes teens the most interesting of all the ages? You tell me! I know that it was a time of "testing the waters" and no one older knew a dam thing because they were in the way like a dam! (Smile) What is it that makes teens rock the... more

Do you baby talk to babies? Did you look forward to growing up to have babies so you could act like a baby again? What makes us want to have children? Did you want to have someone to love you? Did you want someone to control as you... more

Jeepers Creepers Where Did you Get Those Peepers? How long are your lashes when you peep at someone? Do you notice eyes when you talk to someone? Does eye contact matter? What is important about looking someone in the eye... more
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