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What if we recognized the soul of each person instead of treating everyone like they were the same? What if we found a way to develop the potential of each and every child instead of shaping them into the seat of the classroom desk? Can we change the school system to evolve with the ever-evolving world around us or will we continue to see drop-outs and bored students? Can we really afford public school systems? Meaning, is the public school system supporting the future or just paychecks and keeping children off the streets? I want to hear your opinion!
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It's time to take the microphone while Jill Reed is away for the day! Let's talk about anything and everything! It's blog talk radio!

Do you remember being a "little kid" and asking "Do I have to go?" and you got the proverbial reply "Yes!" ugh! Why did we make our children do things that didn't really matter to them? I mean, why did we make them go to the school cake... more

Neo - new, Tech - technology how can the talk not be about all the new technology we have seen come to life over the past 20 years? Let's talk about all of the wonderful things you can do in your life because some Genius... more

What did you become? Who were you meant to be? Exactly what happened to the child in you? Where do you want to go in life? Who do you want to become? Are you working on that? Is this really the way life is supposed to be?

At what age can a child choose whether to follow the Religion of God that his or her parents chose? Has following the Religion of God held people in poverty rather than prosperity? Does believing that life will be better in the "after life"... more

If you want to be heard on radio this is the place. Come take the microphone away from Sabrina. You will be heard, but, you might see life differently when she replies to your topic. It's free for all Friday and you are welcome here! Jill Reed,... more

Why is this topic important for you to achieve greater success in life? What does it mean to be rich? How does one get on the path to "rich"? (step-by-step) What if you started today (trying to become "rich") -- what would your life look like in... more

Can it be said that all religions (those of politics and God) are deceptions to get the masses to believe in a higher cause in order to take lives? Why is this topic so important in a world of radiological, biological and chemical... more

Kiss me I'm Irish! How many of you have tried to be Irish so you could snitch a kiss on St.Paddy's Day? When you were a child and the game of the day was to wear Green so that you didn't get pinched did you wear green? Or, were you the... more

What do you do the day before a holiday? Do you go out to buy festive items so you can make a splash (show up in a big way) on the actual holiday? Why do we have holidays and why don't we celebrate each day? Why is life so boring... more
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