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Who catches your eye? What turns you on? What tickles your fancy? We talk about it all. From the girl next door or the boy down the block we're all talk! Put the Petal to the Pedal!

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Come take the microphone and play with Sabrina and Company, including Curtis, as you explore many topics that will take you to the moon! The sky is not the limit, it might be you or someone else! Let's talk about it alllllllllll!

What is missing in your life, if anything? Why don't you have what you want? Where is your focus most of the day? If you want more of something to do you go after it? From eating to celebrating what do you focus on? Do you feel... more

What is the defining separation of people? It's not church, it's not politics, it's not financial status, it's not anything that would place anyone in a place of being a minority! Come talk with us today about this long-standing topic. You may also... more

By this I mean do think about your future and what you want for it? Do you see things and want to pull them into your life? Do you expect that your future will be better than your present situation? If no, why not? Do your realize that you can... more

Enjoy this episode of the visit I had with Dr. Patrick Vickers and the Gerson Therapy utilized by people for generations as an alternative to modern medicine's cancer treatment plans. I do not claim to be a doctor and do not endorse this... more

What is free? Today it means you get to take the microphone at blog talk radio. Jill Reed takes the day off and Sabrina gets the microphone which she shares with Curtis and you! What do you want to talk about? Take the mic by... more

What does it mean to practice being good? Didn't we do that naturally as a child? What would cause you to keep doing the same thing everyday? Do you like what you do everyday? Would you do something different if you didn't have to... more

What makes anyone better than another? Do we create that in our minds? Do others plant the idea of someone being better than another in our head? Really, why should I take out the trash? Who made you the decision maker over my... more

What would our world look like if we taught our children how to get rich instead of how to memorize facts out of context? How capable are children? What holds a child back from becoming all that they can be? Why do we send children to the... more

Is being rich really the sign of greed or is it a sign of being an integrated thinker? Other than falling-into someone else's wealth could you really get rich without making choices and taking the appropriate actions to have wealth. What would... more
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