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What role does a child have in their overall health? What role do parents play in the overall health of their kids? Do you support a holistic approach to life? Do you support a "Modern Medicine" approach to taking care of your children? Do you mix and match the formulas to taking care of your children's health? Who should be in charge of the health of our children? Do you belive in force on your life of your child's life as in someone telling you what religious practice you take to health? What rights do we have to taking care of our children? Does a holistic approach to children's health involve a change in the education system, too?
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Step up take the mic on Friday. A word of Go -- lift up someone or something it does you more good to lift up another human than put one down -- we all die sometime so why not live it up now? Join radio host Jill Reed every Friday for... more

Could there be life out there? Could scientists test the DNA of a being found and discover it is not only human but perhaps an ET? There is so much more news than what meets the eye and ear. Check out this serious topic and see what... more

What can be more important than saving ourselves from death? What value is a dead human being to self or others! This is not going to be a morbid topic it will be full of life and the life values conscious beings bring to life! If you have... more

Have you always longed for a partner who would understand you, who would validate you, pamper you, provide your needs? Well, good luck with that search! You are looking outside instead of inside. Have you ever felt used in a... more

Do you believe anyone really has any power over you? Do you believe that humans should rule each other or protect each other? What have we done in the name of protection that limits the human spirit?

Do we talk to our animals more than we talk to the people around us? What is the craze with baby talking to house pets and dressing them in high fashion? Do you have a cat? Do you have a dog? Are you looking for love and have found it in a... more

Are you paying attention to the water you drink? What do you do to filter your water? Are you aware of how important the alkalinity of water is to your overall health? Why do some people worry about overall water pollution but drink water... more

Do you sometimes feel like no matter what you do you can't get a head? I have a secret for you. It has to do with following instead of leading. You were born a leader, come hear what I have to say to remind you that you were once the... more

From the time I was young I wanted to be a DJ! I wanted to spin the records that I saw my friend's brother spin records and talk about random stuff! What is the value to news? What value are you to yourself and others in the world? Are you... more

Have you considered how much cash can change your life? Did you learn about prosperity in school or mostly about poverty? Do you realize there are people in high places who need poverty to look good? Why should anyone prosper in the... more
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