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Who catches your eye? What turns you on? What tickles your fancy? We talk about it all. From the girl next door or the boy down the block we're all talk! Put the Petal to the Pedal!

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Do you like to travel? Where do you like to go? Did you travel places in your mind when you were a chid? If so, where did you go? Was traveling in our minds our escape from the adultworld of illusions? Did we really long to grow up to be like our parents and their friends in the their make-believe world of illusions or did we like to create fun? Traveling causes us to go out of our comfort zone or to leave the warzone we did not like being part of.
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What do you do to improve your life? Do you know some people stare at the sun to gain advantages in life? Do you know many of our religions were formed because of the sun and its value to our lives? Do you really care about sun... more

Have you thought about why humans own puppies? Have you thought about why people have children? What is the purpose of life, anyway? What is puppy love? What is friendship love, what is romantic-love? How do you get the feelings... more

What do you love to do that brings you hours of happiness? Do you have to be active or just watch as a spectator? What makes you feel lousy emotions associated with stress? Why do you participate in that? What do you want to do... more

I met a man in NC who spoke of his life of ISMs. I realized right there, that he was so wise. What words have you adopted that drive you forward or hold you back. How are we causing a hole in society with the words that end with ISM?... more

What is the difference between being selfish and selfless. Does being selfless serve the masses? Let's talk about the importance of these two words today. You see alot of what you see on television is about selflessness and serving others.

Friday is open mic day at Sweet Perfume and Leather Jacket at blogtalk radio. Come hang with Sabrina while Jill Reed is off for the day.

Does it make sense that you had to memorize stuff you would never use again? Does it make sense to have children striving for grades rather than to be in business for themselves bringing values to life? Can we find a way to stop... more

What is all the fussing and fighting about? There is only one separation of our species. That is male and female! What's not to love? Why do we follow anyone or anything that would require us to give up our life? I am just curious. I really... more

Oh no!

What is a phobia? What is a belief? Why do we cause ourselves grief? Why would someone cause a phobia to become a way of living? Do you understand the difference between destruction and creation? Does one follow another... more
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