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Jill Renee Feeler

Jill Renee Feeler


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If you liked this show, you should follow Jill Renee Feeler.  Offering insights and recommendations for upliftment/ascension processes and expanding one's consciousness into the highest frequencies of love and light available on the planet at this time.  Special message.  

Some ask:  Is everything and/or Am I going to be ok?  Response:  What does that mean to you and what do You wish to create, oh Sovereign, Creator Being :-)  Create what you desire.  Root this deeply in Love for Self, Love for Others, Love for humanity, all Life and All that Is.  There can be no exception to whom you love, sincerely, for authentic ascension and upliftment.  Love is the key to freedom and this cannot be a mental process.  It must be felt.  Align your truths, your beliefs, your thoughts with Love of All to feel this freedom for yourself.  Not possibe?  Not true, not to me, anymore. 

Jill's "activation" which some would call awakening began as recently as 2008, allowing her to quickly access her higher dimensional abilities and personally interact with the higher realms. She offers a Documentary "The Platinum Age:  Creating the New Earth", a series of on line classes called "Embracing the New Energies", an inspirational book collaborated with 20+ lightworkers, intuitive sessions and many no-cost offerings to inspire and empower you to re-member the powerful connections to God we naturally have with-In.

While helping others re-member their own multidimensionality, Jill is continuously nurturing her own continuous evolution, knowing while we are infinitely whole, we're never done expanding as an infinite aspect of Source/God.