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Life is amazing and we must live day by day with acceptance and happiness!! We all have free will and lives to become successful in any way im a living example!!My plan and desire is to enlight people and help everyone to realize that life is what we make of it so lets make the best of it!

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Tonight I will be doing a show that will be a little different from the usual.I will not title it because I will be speaking on a lot of subjects that's on my mind that needs to be said and I will be the voice for everyone because its somethings... more

Tonight I want to give you all Reality Checks because I know you have questions and doubts about certain situations nd want answers to them so I'm putting on Dr.Hall advice no cut cards so if you ask make sure you ready for your answer... more

We have touched on this subject before but I'M feel as tho we need to continue once again because it's a lot of things that is continuing to happening and it needs to stop including drama,relationship problems,and etc so stay tuned... more

We having a show tonight and it's basically touching basis on what do you exspect out of people? So tune in where we keep it real and have fun!!

Tonight is the night that the people who think that they are still on a higher level than others or do more but still talk about people and try to make them look bad because they been played out so why take another person shine because your... more

Today I wanted to do a show because people need to know the do's and don't s in life concerning relationships, sex or what ever you do do in life so tune in we going to go in!!

Today we will be talking about a Topic thats need to be touched on because in this lifetime people do to much and need to know that sometimes it's best to stay in ya lane, because when you step out of line or get involved in other people... more

Today I want to talk about getting ya mind right because we all have come to a point in life that some just completely lost their minds over love or relationships or just things in life to the point where it gets to idgaf about anything which... more

Tonight we will be talking about relationships and why do people cheat.Now we all know that in relationships its work and effort to put in but if one person just doing the work it won't work so ill be giving advice to people on how to maintain a... more

We will be talking about how drama is brought and how it reflects on the lifestyle of the Gay culture!! Now we all know that if you want drama you know where to go to get it and honestly it reflects on everyone because of a few ppl!! But we... more