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Jesus Is The Word

Jesus Is The Word


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This show is dedicated to my mentor Jesus Christ the Messiah with Biblical Study and discussions on many Biblical topics by a radical Christian. This Christian is not your normal Christian and is a product of the Jesus Freak Era of the Hippie days of the 60's and 70's. He is a man of God although he rocks, he still loves Jesus with all his heart, mind and strength. Remember Jesus is the Word and William T is a radical Christian..

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Frank and Mabel had been married for 40 years. Frank turned 60 a few months earlier, and they now were celebrating Mabel's 60th birthday. During the birthday party, Frank walked into another room and was surprised to see a... more

Why does God save us and allow us to remain sinful? There are few "problems" more relevant and significant than this in the Christian experience. A person sins and is immediately confronted with the question, "How can I say I love... more

waiting on Christmas is some thing we do every year. Waiting on Christmas was also important in the Biblical days as well! Come listen to this waiting on Christmas sermon. This sermons author is unknown but I like this particular... more

It'd be quite a story, wouldn't it? I can see the headlines now...Christians Who Play Charades or Pretenders in the Pews. It would confirm what many already believe -- that the church is full of hypocrites. It's difficult to believe Christianity is... more

All across America there are gangs killing rampantly. Motheres are killing children. Fathers are killing families and then themselves! True love is hard to find for most people in this world however Jesus is the cure for this dreaded disease of lack... more

Ever since the beginning of creation, when the first creatures came from the hand of God, there has always been someone, somewhere, unhappy with his position in the universe. Being unhappy is a cancer that destroys peace of mind. A... more

I have decided to continue this show as your host with a new style. Yes, this is your show. Yes, you the listeners. I have been studying the Bible for many years now, and actually have a wealth of knowledge to share. However, this new style... more