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This show is devoted to obtaining the grace you need in Jesus name when you need it. With all my heart I love Jesus and desire to devote myself to helping you draw closer to the LORD in the name of grace that is in Jesus, everything is in Jesus.

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I have an epicly charmed life, transformed radically by Jesus. I am so thankful, last night I was at the lowest point emotionally I felt crushed and nothing seemed to bring me out of the tail spin od deep sorrow and grief over a pain so... more

This is going to be epic, we all hurt, we cry, we laugh, we live we love! We have, we lose, we gain, we fall, we rise and all of it matters nothing is wasted we learn from all the stuff, join me for an hour of power on Saturday with Jesus!!!! Love,... more

The issue facing all Chrisians centers around this question; "How deep is your relationship with Jesus?" If you think it's deep then how is the image of His character showing in the way you live? I see so many people struggling to find... more

I am back with passion and excitement and vision from the Lord on the exciting new direction for the show. I am so stoked to share with you what the Lord has for you today. It's really an exciting time to be an on fire for Jesus believer. I am... more

I KNOW a shift is taking place in the world today and some of it good most of really, really not so good. So today I have an epic testimony to share with you all of a miracle the Lord did last week in response to faith in the name of... more

I have learned a life with less prayer and a life with more pain, also that having the right attitude and heart toward the Lord makes all the difference. Tonight is going to be epic because we are going to talk about how to get a power house... more

The Lord has done so much for us and has given us His word as well. I desire to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord and also to understand what the Lord thinks like and how to be like Jesus and do what Jesus does daily. In the past I would... more

I have learned that prayer is so powerful, it is the way to unload all the stuff we want to to or loving Father in the name of Jesus! Prayer moves mountains and I plan on pressing in BIG time tonight because I sense breakthrough and revival... more

I have been through a lot of ups and downs in my life in general. My walk with the Lord began before I was born, you see all of us who believe were predestined in the Lord, when we return to Him and are born again the adventure begins.... more

This is a show you want tune in it's a conversation between Napolean Hill and the devil and it is a insightful conversation that will open your eyes to the reality of Satan and his devices and wicked ways. It's the most epic book written by... more