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This show is devoted to obtaining the grace you need in Jesus name when you need it. With all my heart I love Jesus and desire to devote myself to helping you draw closer to the LORD in the name of grace that is in Jesus, everything is in Jesus.

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I had my break through in business when all the planets aligned for me so to speak and I am going to share with you what has helped me breakthough in my walk with the Lord, how I hear His voice and respond. How I immerse myself in... more

I have really gained a tremendous amount of POWER in PLANNING! A friend of mine gave me a nugget "Proper planning prevents poor performance." So much of our lives are lived my default, we just go through the motions, a groundhog... more

I am very inspired to share some changes that have taken place in my walk with the Lord, my application of the knowing of scripture and what has come of these actions. We all suffer adversity, how do we process it? What do we do? How do... more

I have changed the way I face adversity, that change has helped me thrive. I also have a schedule that I stay focused on and follow through. I have noticed amazing changes taking place in my life. I want to share my schedule with you... more

Being on fire for Christ has truly made my life epic. I am a very happy Christian man who loves the Lord and has a really wild life of learning to know the Lord. Not only knowing the Lord, also to trust Him, to hear Him, to realize the depth... more

The Lord is God, he is epic and no circumstance is too much for Him to handle to or too big for Him that he is to busy. The Lord hand is not short nor ear dull of hearing you. I have found some of life's great lessons at my lowest point where... more

The life of a Christian is such an epic opportunity to manifest the power of the name of Jesus and faith in the name. We have become lazy and many of us are ok with a average status quo walk with the Lord. I AM NOT! I believe in... more

Jesus is the most epic and amazing relationship we could have or ever expect to have in this life and the life to come. Many of us simply dont ever truly connect and that costs many the reality of relationship leaving only dead religion,... more

Life is meant to be enjoyed and we are all born to win, succeed and enjoy life. So much is wrong in the world and so much is right in the Spirit. So today I am going to share what the Lord has done is healing me from a broken heart and... more

I have an epicly charmed life, transformed radically by Jesus. I am so thankful, last night I was at the lowest point emotionally I felt crushed and nothing seemed to bring me out of the tail spin od deep sorrow and grief over a pain so... more