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This show is devoted to obtaining the grace you need in Jesus name when you need it. With all my heart I love Jesus and desire to devote myself to helping you draw closer to the LORD in the name of grace that is in Jesus, everything is in Jesus.

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People get religion all messed up and the word has a clear misunderstanding of what a relationship with Jesus looks like. They think we are religious and so forth and have it all confused. Additionally we have so called godly people that are... more

Satan is a jerk! He is out to kill you, wipe you off the face of the earth! He is a liar, thief and murderer John 10:10 and Jesus came to give us life and that more abundantly. " John 10:10New King James Version (NKJV) 10 The thief does not... more

The easiest way to pray the will of God is to pray the word of God and tonight that is exactly what we are going to do. I have walked with the Lord for 12+ years and much of that has been a wrestling match with me losing the war on me... more

It's not a popular choice in the world to chose Jesus and take a stand, I do and I will in love always. I have experienced some epic miracles on a daily basis by standing for the truth, staying in integrity and walking WITH the Lord. I used to... more

The root of the moving parts of the LORD stem around belief. Faith is a form of belief and we all put our faith in stuff. Many human being place tremendous faith is the dumbest of things and they fight the simple truth of Jesus. Tonight I am... more

For my entire life I have searched for loved. I came from a broken sea of dysfunction as a young child in a broken home where love was not something I could clearly see or discern. I didnt know what Love looked like and certainly I... more

I spent years thinking i was "walking with God" ha! No i wasn't. I was walking but not with God. He had an eye on me and I was doing all sorts of things Christian and worldly and trying to figure stuff out. It wasn't until years later after running... more

I literally have to share the epic story in 30 minutes before church of how dating completely sucked my entire life and then God answered a prayer I had prayed and he gave me the most beautiful human being on this planet and I want to... more

I have the dream come true, answered prayer Jesus in a girl from hevaen love given me from Daddy! The Lord has truly blessed my life with the most epic woman I have ever met and I have learned some tremendous love motivated... more

I see a tremendous amount of sorrow, fear and pain and a lot of confusion as it pertains to knowing how to live a happy life. We are in search for some sort of meaning, a reason to live. All the questions, very little in the way of insta fixes or... more