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The bible says that we can do what Jesus did and greater, I am a man devoted to that very purpose of discovering how to be all we can be in Christ and see daily miracles. I am on a quest to be perfected in my daily walk with Jesus and every day I learn and as I do I share what I learn in the LORD with you. Jesus has healed many through this show and does heal, spiritual gifts are spoken of and welcomed. This show is devoted to helping you live a spiritually charged in love with Jesus power walk with the LORD daily even in the dark times.

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Merry or happy Christmas to all and to all a good true walk with the LORD. Life is way to short for us to live even a day in a lie or negative state of mind. I see so much sorrow all around and in my own life I am so up close and personal with... more

The truth is we have already overcome Satan and the only power he has is lies and deception. So to us we gain from the truth and application by faith the truth of Gods word. The devil is a liar and the father of lies and He is relentless in... more

All of us are in search of meaning in this life. Many of us trying to live life to the fullest, yeah right! So much sorrow, so much pain so much loss. We are all trying to wrap our hearts around the love, true love that we search for it in... more

We are I AM those who call on Jesus have I AM in us and I am prayerful the LORD will deliver and know He will increase in me to share with you a powerful message tonight regarding the power of I AM. Before all of us were, I AM! So... more

Fear is making the world a scary place. Fear is a total crippling device and the most common used of Satan. So tonight I am going to share with you a truth so powerful it is able to save you, it is able to make you well. It is able to clear the... more

So much has been said about "The Secret" where if you believe through the law of attraction you can just get things no matter what if you just believe. The reality is faith is a powerful weapon in the realm of attracting things both good and... more

The battle is in our minds between truth and error. The place where many of us go wrong is we trust our emotions and feelings over the good and perfect will of God in Jesus name! The power of a believer who dares to BELIEVE the word... more

The word of God is the breath of the LIVING Creator of all things. His epic words given to us to feed on that bring us life and health and all wisdom. The great power of His epic word, so rich in wisdom and His good and perfect will. His... more

If God is for us who can be against us? In all these things we are more than conquerors, to whom He began a good work He is faithfful to complete that work. The LORDS words are so powerful and so applicable to every situatation. So... more

My favorite scripture in all the bible John 14:12, tonight after prayer and seeking the face of the LORD with all my heart I am bringing you a word from the HOLY Spirit in love to help you, to encourage you to BELIEVE! I am so eager to... more