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Public School Spanking 1O1: Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?

  • Broadcast in School



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Welcome to Public School Spanking 1O1! Why the question mark? Because everyday in American schools there are more than 2000 reports of school abuse. Reporting is not mandatory. Our American school children are beaten, tied up, duct taped, handcuffed, kicked the crap out of, shoved and locked into closets and small rooms, sent home with bloody noses, broken bones, and some have been suffocated. These conditions can be verified by visiting www.TheHittingStopsHere.com and reading three very informative investigative reports. They are the ACLU and GAO reports and, prepared by a Law Professor, the UC Davis Law Review. All are found near the top of our Home page surrounding a picture of a man’s hand holding a paddle. With all of this legalized violence and sanctioned abuse occurring in our American schools to our most vulnerable US citizens, those most in need of the 14th amendment “equal protection” law, how is it that our president earned a Nobel Peace Prize? President Barack Obama told the Black American community, at the July 16, 2009 NAACP 100th anniversary event, that we needed to “whup” our children and our neighbors’ too, in order to build strong communities. Saying to whup our neighbors too is criminal; it’s illegal to whup somebody else’s kid. Had he promoted beating in this fashion to a white audience, he’d have been up for impeachment and “you” would have heard about it. Under President Obama’s care our children found at the bottom of the American caste system groan. They have no peace. Barack Obama has no right to accept a gift in honor of his promoting peace when he allows, even condones, violence to be targeted at our children by denying them their 14th amendment “equal protection” right. Shame on Obama. What a disappointment.