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The Jessie Ramsey Show is dedicated to exposing the ills of society. From the scourge of feminism, to cultural Marxism, to the plagues of the black community, the Jessie Ramsey Show is exposing the problems of society at large with a direct, no-nonsense style of commentary.

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We're not done yet! Today, we are talking again about the negative impact of feminism on the black community. Topics include the hypocritical dichotomy of black feminism and religion, black women raising a generation of thugs, theives,... more

Today we will discuss feminism as an archaic and outdated concept. Women, you have what you need, you have what you want, why are you still fighting? We will answer that question and take your calls today. Please skip past the... more

Today, we continue our discussion about Equality. Topics will include equality in the workplace, the feminist's goal for political domination, and the hypocrisy of advocating equality via misandry. We're taking your calls. Tune in!

Today we contnue the discussion about feminism's impact on Dating, Courtship, and Marriage. Topics will include the feminist's desire for the mangina, confusion over gender roles, and divorce, American style. As always, we will be... more

You wanted it, here it is! We're spending this week's hour talking about how feminism destroyed the black community. Topics will include the black woman's fear of taking any kind of personal responsibility for what she does,... more

Today we're going to be discussing the issue of equality. We will discuss women's fear of the combat role, equal work for equal pay, and why women HATE picking up the check. The lines will be open and we'll be taking your calls.

Today, we will be discussing Feminism and how it is wrecking your relationships and marriages. Toipcs will include how your feminist wife will screw you asexually, dating in a society full of manginas, and the systematic destruction of the... more

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, we will be talking about how feminism has turned women's athletics into the biggest laughing stock since "The Three Stooges". Topics include 9 year old football "star" Samantha Gordon being set up for... more

Today, we'll be discussing how feminism caused the destruction of the black community. Don't miss this, it's sure to be eye opening!

Today, I'll be talking about Feminism and why it's so evil. I will be discussing the Anti-Feminist movement and how the eradication of feminism will benefit society as a whole.
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