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The Jessie Ramsey Show is dedicated to exposing the ills of society. From the scourge of feminism, to cultural Marxism, to the plagues of the black community, the Jessie Ramsey Show is exposing the problems of society at large with a direct, no-nonsense style of commentary.

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After a grueling battle with 9 RadFems, I came out the victor (my friends did have my back, though, you all rock!). I'll tell you how I outsmarted them, and why they will be consistently outsmarted by men in tonights episode. Do you have a... more

Tonight I wil attempt to broadcast the show I started last night. What you need to know about Men's Rights. Tonight at 9:30 pm PST (GMT -7)

Why do feminists say one thing, then two seconds later, say and do the complete opposite? We will tackle feminist hypocrisy, and I'll be taking your calls.

WE have discussed the issues with the community, now let's talk about how to come together to heal and unite. I'll be taking your calls and airing your feedback.

Black men sell drugs in their own neighborhood, kill each other in droves, Call each other "nigga", and have out of wedlock babies that they have no intention of taking responsibility for. So what is the black man good for? I'll tell you today,... more

"Two can't live as cheaply as one...unless it's a flea and his dog." From momma to his many girlfriends, The black man is always living under somebody. Today, We'll discuss his unwillingness to be on his own. Like Always, I'll also be taking... more

I will rebroadcast this episode Tuesday night at 10. Something went DRASTICALLY wrong with the audio. Now that I have deconstructed black feminism as the cause of the destruction of the black community, I will turn my... more

Every Disease can be traced to a single cause. So can all of the ills of the black community. Tonight, I'll explain why I believe that the black woman is the cause of the destruction of the black community. Rescheduled from Last Sunday.

Today we will be discussing the Black Church. Why is there a black church on every corner of the community, yet the community leads the league in crime? I Had to shorten the show due to situations beyond my control, but rest assured,... more

Today we will be discussing the actions and attitudes of black women. Topics will include cooning yourselves on and offline, raising hell at the least beneficial times, and raising your kids to be like you, which is not a good thing. How can you call... more
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