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I will share with you how to get focused and provide you with an easy-to-follow plan to earn your part time income. I will share over 100 real examples.

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People create in order to grow and to fulfill themselves, as well as to solve problems. Emotional blocks may interfere with the freedom with which we explore and manipulate ideas. On today's show we will be discussing many emotional... more

Description Starting a new beginning it is something you will never forget. Tonight we will share some dreams and how they can be reached. It all starts with a dream.

In today's show we will be talking about Leadership, your people-oriented approach. We will be sharing information on how you the leader must be a people specialist. Using human relations skills, communications skills to get your... more

Many people fail to put it all together in their business enterprise. On todays show we are going to discuss 16 things you MUST DO to be successful. I believe these 16 are essential ingredients for what works.Just a few to get you thinking.... more

In today's show we will continue with developing your potential. Last week we ended with negotiations with calm and reasonable people. Today we will get prepared to face people who are not calm and reasonable. We will learn how to... more

If you want to make more of your talents - live up to your full potential - you have to learn to use them. You have the power to change your habits - to acquire new skills and fully use the skills you have now. You can improve your performance,... more

You say your mind is always elsewhere today you will learn some simple tips that will help you bring your concentration back where it needs to be. Concentrating many call it staying focused is a critical performance skill. When we're... more

When you pursue your hobbies and interests, do you get so caught up in them that time disappears? Do you live for the times when you can get together with others who have similar interests and talk about your hobbies? Do you wish you... more

We will talk about how you can accomplish anything you want in life by simply finding ways to help other people to accomplish the things they want. We will share a few examples and talk about how you cannot get out if you don't put in.... more

Jordan Golomb wants to get you in a good Frame of Mind. Follow along as you discover how Jordan took an idea for personal inspiration and decided to use it to spread positive vibs to others. Find out where thisFrame of Mind concept came... more