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Jeremiah Henderson



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This program provides stategies that enable both, individuals and companies, transition from good to great to extraordinary:

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In this session, the Platform MasterMinds discuss some of the tips and strategies for promoting and marketing yourself or your product giving power packed presentation/speeches with poise and confidence (selling your audience from... more

Often times we are confronted with people who just haven't figured out life. Those are the ones who are rude, arrogant, obnoxious and offensive to others. They are often bullies and use their position of authority and autonomy to intimidate and... more

This program is a follow-up of Personal Development 101. Personal Development 102:Advanced Strategies, deals with the one of the major obstacles to personal development; distractions. There are only so many slot in a 24 hour day.... more

This episode will help you stay alive while you drive.Althought the Rules of the Road are more far reaching than a 30 minutes session can adequately cover, some of the basic elements of staying alive will be covered. Some of the salient... more

Almost all people want something, need something and fear something. Those who want something better in life must first become something better. This means going through the painful process of change. Change starts with personal... more

If you are trying to tip-toe carefully through life just so you can arrive safely at death, you are missing out on the 'good life'. Most if not all great leaders were visionaries and risk takers. The good life requires that you take some risk.... more

If you are indecisive, stuck in life, and watching others succeed while you fail, then listen to this session. Learn You will learn about the power of a make up mind, how to develop a make up mind, why it generates success in the midst of... more

The number one cardinal sin in giving a speech is to be boring and uninteresting. Boring speakers speak too long, have uninteresting topics that don't engage their audience, have not mastered the three channels of communication delivery is... more

This session deals with how to "do it now and make more money!" Based on the premise "the more action you take, the more money you make", you will learn how to master four 'do it now action' strategies to make more money. Also, certain... more

Jeremiah shares some of his power phrases that are amusing and effective. He discovered that certain elements of language have a neurological effect on how we communicate our feelings. They also help us rebut, convince, accept,... more