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Jennifer Hicks

Making the Connection


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Make the connection--to your creativity and intuition. To a healthier body, mind and spirit. To the beauty of the natural world. Balance,serenity & wisdom.

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What are the Akashic Records? They are believed to exist on a spiritual plane, and they represent the entire history of life. They have been described as a library that is constantly updated, where each of us has our own "book" of our many... more

Not only is Merrie Lynn Ross a talented actress, well-known for her stint in General Hospital, she is also passionate about children. Years before it was hip to even talk about bullying, she was at the forefront of the anti-bullying movement,... more

There is a lunar eclipse taking place today, which follows a solar eclipse which happened on November 13th. Why do eclipses hold such importance? Is this just a bunch of astrological hogwash, or do these celestial activities really affect... more

It's the night before Thanksgiving, the national holiday we set aside as a day to express gratitude. What exactly is gratitude, and how does it affect us--physically, emotionally and spiritually? How do we tap into this wonderful feeling, and keep... more

Join Jennifer as she interviews special guest Tony Burroughs, author of the newly released book, Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions. Tony used to live in Hawaii, working side-by-side with a... more

In the month of November, our thoughts turn to giving thanks. Gratitude is an integral part of life in other cultures, much more so than here in the United States. The events of the past week--Hurricane Sandy's destruction--really bring... more

It's that time of year again, that special and fun night that both kids and adults enjoy. If you're a medium like Jennifer, this night takes on even greater importance! Halloween has been a significant holiday in several cultures. Call in... more

Sounds have been used for thousands of years to help people meditate and to reach higher states of consciousness. Now, scientists who study the brain are discovering that music, chanting, and other special sounds actually do help... more

Jennifer welcomes guest Polly Campbell to her show tonight. Polly is a well-known writer in the psychology and self-improvement fields, her articles appearing in magazines nationwide. She brings a practical, down-to-earth... more

Tonight Jennifer is honored to have visionary Marlise Karlin as her guest. Marlise has just come out with a new book, The Power of Peace in You. Anyone can chill out and feel serene at a retreat, ashram, or seminar. But how to... more