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Make the connection--to your creativity and intuition. To a healthier body, mind and spirit. To the beauty of the natural world. Balance,serenity & wisdom.

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The death of a pet can be an extraordinary loss. So many people wonder why our beloved animals leave us too early, and what happens to their spirits when they die. Tonight Jennifer will be telling the tale of Jackie Rascal, her male cat... more

All of us have gifts hidden inside, just waiting to be cultivated. So often we get caught up in the hectic schedule of our lives that we just don't make the time to get around to the activities that might make our hearts sing. If there's one... more

It's no secret that pro athletes have been turning to pharmaceuticals and other questionable methods to "enhance" their performance. The recent Lance Armstrong doping scandal brings this trend into sharp focus. Sometimes, people... more

When our pets die, do they have spirits which move on to another level? Are they taken care of on the Other Side? And can they communicate with us? The answere are yes, yes and yes! Pets in spirit communicate in strange and... more

Last week Jennifer discussed the different mental tools we have at our disposal, from rational left brain thinking to our intuition. On today's show she'll be providing specific, real life examples as to when and how to use your own intuition.

Intuition is like a tool on your work bench. Just as you have hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches in a toolbox, your mind provides you with a number of tools to use on a daily basis. But intuition is just one of them! There is also... more

The Olympics are underway and people all over the world are rooting for their favorite athletes. Not only do these sports phenoms possess great agility and physical skills, many have received expert advice from scientists who study the... more

The Olympics are about to begin in London, as athletes around the world compete to be the fastest, strongest, and fittest. It's no secret that professional athletes work with a cadre of people whose job it is to ensure that they... more

Join Jennifer as she talks about the unusual people, past and present, who have dared to be different, who made the decision to not look like, talk like, or live like anyone else. As Kermit the Frog said, "it isn't easy being green", but the history... more

Last week Jennifer talked about the fundamental differences between traditional, Western medicine and the more holistic approach of the East. Chinese medicine is finally being taken seriously in the US, with a special research... more