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Make the connection--to your creativity and intuition. To a healthier body, mind and spirit. To the beauty of the natural world. Balance,serenity & wisdom.

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Full disclosure: I happen to know Rom, having worked side by side with her at many psychic events in the NYC area. That's how I can say that she is,without a doubt, one of the most talented mediums I have ever met! She says that if we recognize ourselves as spiritual beings first, that we'll be much more at ease in communicating with spirit. Rom is not only a master when it comes to communicating with the Other Side, she is a board certified PhD with a degree in sex therapy, a la Masters and Johnson. She'll be chatting with me live about her experiences as a psychic and medium, and we'll be taking your calls and questions.
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We were all born with the ability to experience joy, love, compassion, and trust--and the ability to experience awe in every new encounter. How did we lose that precious wisdom, the wisdom we were born with? Well, life tends to get... more

A famous painting exists of 3 Asian men, way back in time, who are gathered around a big vat of liquid. Vinegar, to be exact! They are dipping their fingers in the vat and tasting it. One man reacts with a sour expression; the second man... more

The image of a warrior frequently comes up in spiritual circles. You may be familiar with the best-selling book, The Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman. It was turned into a terrific movie not too long ago. Or you may be thinking about all of... more

This coming weekend officially kicks off the summer season in the US, so break out the white shoes--you know, the ones you're only supposed to wear until Labor Day! Our society has silly rules and traditions concerning the seasons. But... more

Many people who follow a spiritual path believe in maintaining some sort of daily ritual, or practice. This isn't a new idea--people way back in time, from the ancient Egyptians to the Mayans to the Taoists, advocated spending at least a few... more

Does having well-developed psychic ability enable you to spy on other people? If so, is this an ethical practice? The US government has used psychics to spy on its enemies, trying to determine what they're up to. We all might agree... more

A lunar eclipse occurred today, in the wee hours of the night, at least in New York City time. Eclipses are viewed by astrologers as turbocharged full moons, packing a wallop and promising lots of big changes--whether you're ready for... more

Last week, Jennifer talked about the tarot, a deck of cards that started out in medieval times as a regular old card game. In the 1700s people in Europe began using it for divining the future. The tarot deck is a heck of a lot more complicated... more

Tarot cards have been used as tools of divination for centuries. Some of the card decks sold today contain the same graphics as the decks of medieval times, but now there are newer decks with everything from angels to American Indian... more

In honor of Saint Patrick, tonight's show will be all about saints! Even if you weren't raised as a Catholic, you're familiar with them. People of all faiths pray to the saints, especially at times of need and distress. Is this a waste of time,... more