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Catch the Live Show: Thursdays 11am ET on 1230am WBLQ. and Every 4th Sunday at 7pm ET on 1510 am Boston. Find inspiration through a spiritual approach to life as your Host Intuitive Counselor Jenn Royster takes you on a journey of self exploration,metaphysics and healing. Dr. Jenn Royster, D. DIV., M.S., is an internationally known Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. Her Spiritual gifts made themselves known at an early age through intuitive connection to Angels, Ascended Masters, Loved Ones crossed over, and through Intuitive Painting. She shares these gifts to educate and help others discover their own intuition and connection to Spirit where Truth and Self Healing reside. Jenn has always seen Energy Healing as the ultimate advancement humanity has been searching for in healthcare and that there is hope for the future of humanity through choice. A choice to live, love and be the happiness we so desperately seek in our lives. Jenn’s clients span across the world and she has inspired many as an inspirational writer, speaker and teacher sharing her knowledge and discoveries in life through Articles, Radio Shows, WebTV, Workshops, Webinars and Private Sessions.

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Archangel Michael Answers the Question-What is a Soul's Purpose? Join Dr Jenn as she delivers a message that answers this question for ALL of humanity from Archangel Michael. The energy alignment for April 2014 is about having the... more

Rejuvenate your Spirit and Thrive with the Angels as Dr Jenn delivers Intuitive Angel Readings that bring inspiration to help you thrive. Everyone deserves to thrive and be happy and healthy. Sometimes life can be challenging, and it... more

Dr Jenn explores The Miracles of Belief and Feeling when we choose Love and then Trust in our Higher Self. A place where connection to the Angelic Realm comes with ease and gentle guidance. The human energy field resonates... more

Messages From Heaven with Guest Jacky Newcomb: Join Dr Jenn as she welcomes her guest Jacky Newcomb to share and explore messages from heaven. What if you could connect to your loved-ones and guides on the other... more

Messages from the Angels: Good News for 2014 -This is the debut episode of The Jenn Royster Show on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network and 1510am NBC Boston. The Year brings good news and a sigh of relief according to messages... more

Dr. Jenn welcomes guest Kurt Koontz, author of the book, A Million Steps. The title for this book is a rough estimate of the number of steps he took while walking the Camino de Santiago. Over the course of a kilometer, he counted... more

Pre-Recorded: Join Dr Jenn as she welcomes her guest celebrity psychic medium, Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton as she connects with our Loved Ones on the Other Side. During this episode, Dr Jenn and Lynn will explore the Other... more

PRE RECORDED: The Power of Food Alchemy over Food Cravings involves listening to what your body is trying to tell you with the food craving. Some foods have great energy and some not so great. But, what about the food cravings?... more

The link between dreaming, manifesting and healing begins with allowing yourself to dream that you are living in the happiness life. Have you ever been called a dreamer? If so, then say thank you, and DREAM ON! Dreaming is powerful... more
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