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Catch the Live Show: Thursdays 11am ET on 1230am WBLQ. and Every 4th Sunday at 7pm ET on 1510am WUFC Boston. Find inspiration through a spiritual approach to life as your Host Intuitive Counselor Jenn Royster takes you on a journey of self exploration,metaphysics and healing. Dr. Jenn Royster, D. DIV., M.S., is an internationally known Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. Her Spiritual gifts made themselves known at an early age through intuitive connection to Angels, Ascended Masters, Loved Ones crossed over, and through Intuitive Painting. She shares these gifts to educate and help others discover their own intuition and connection to Spirit where Truth and Self Healing reside. Jenn has always seen Energy Healing as the ultimate advancement humanity has been searching for in healthcare and that there is hope for the future of humanity through choice. A choice to live, love and be the happiness we so desperately seek in our lives. Jenn’s clients span across the world and she has inspired many as an inspirational writer, speaker and teacher sharing her knowledge and discoveries in life through Articles, Radio Shows, WebTV, Workshops, Webinars and Private Sessions.

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Host Dr Jenn Royster welcomes her guest Kita Szpak to the show. A happiness expert, author and speaker to share why the focus on happiness is key for people today and why she wrote her latest book called, The Simple Life: Shiny Objects... more

Host Dr Jenn Royster explores the meaning of your dreams, visions and messages from Spirit. How do we know the difference between a dream or a vision and their meaning? Do angels, loved ones and spirit guides, including... more

Host Dr Jenn Royster welcomes her guest ?Ordinary? grandmother and former Playboy Bunny Susan Liberty Hall to share her successful healing journey following a diagnosis of breast cancer using an alternative ancient Native... more

Dr Jenn discusses this powerful form of energetic healing called Soul Retrieval. It's been around for thousands of years and still used today by Shamans for healing. Dr Jenn has helped her many of her own clients with soul retrieval over... more

Host Dr Jenn Royster welcomes her guest world renowned psychic, author and spiritual teacher, Tori Hartman to share her expertise about the Chakra Wisdom Oracle including it's history, how her Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards came to be... more

Dr Jenn welcomes her guest Kathleen O'Keefe Kanavos author of Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing. Kat will share tips, strategies and survivor secrets on using your innate senses, especially your 6th sense, to... more

Dr Jenn Royster welcomes her guest Dr Susan Allison PhD to share her poetry about how Our Spirits Dance. A poetry of Soul Mates illustrates poem by poem how it feels to find one's twin flame and create a loving and committed... more

Dr Jenn Royster explores the many faces of life transitions. We go thorough them at different stages of life; including childhood, growing through life lessons or challenges, and even physical death is considered a life transition in... more

Dr Jenn Royster welcomes her guest Dr Amelia Kemp to discuss 8 steps to mental and emotional well-being, 24 healing exercises, illustrations and aftercare practices including herbal remedies and energy medicine, and features a... more
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