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Jedi Realism Radio What is Jedi Realism Radio? Jedi Realism Radio is a blog talk radio show created by Michael Hannigan to promote Jedi Realism in a positive light. What is Jedi Realism Jedi Realism is a movement that started back in 1998 that draws inspiration from the Star Wars Universe and applies practical principles and codes for individuals to follow to live a more enriched life. A path that helps individuals to find their own paths within the life while being of service to those within their community. Jedi Realism Radio takes lessons from Reiki, Martial Art Principles, Qigong, Yoga, Taoism, Buddhism, and of course the Star Wars Universe and blends the paths together.

On-Demand Episodes

Jedi Realist Radio presents reflections 1/2/17 8:00pm Reinventing Yourself We all get stuck in ruts and feel like there is no way out, it is natural and part of the human cycle but there are times when we need to break the cycle and be who... more

Jedi Realist Radio Presents Jedi Templar Temperance and Prudence 12/21/16 6:30pm Welcome to another episode of Jedi Realist Radio Jedi Templar Reflections episodes. To be honest this episode was recorded back in October.... more

Jedi Realist Radio Reflections 12/19/16 10:00 pm My enemies face is my own? On tonight's episode of reflections I will be discussing the internal fights we have that bar us from success at work, in relationships, and in our personal lives. I... more

Jedi Templar Reflections Faith 9/2/16 Jedi Realist radio presents Jedi Templar episode 2 Faith What does faith mean to you? How do you define it? Why do you support it, and how do you walk your path? In tonight's episode I will speaking... more

What is a Jedi Knight? What training is needed to become a Knight? In a society where principles and codes change by the day and honor is a term lost long ago the revival of knights is certainly a needed concept. Knights of the Jedi Realist... more

Jedi Realist Radio Presents Reflections Non attachment 7-29-16 For the Jedi Realist learning to let go is perhaps the hardest lesson to learn but the easiest to understand in value. What does attachments mean? How can attachments infer... more

7/27/16 5:00am "The Greatest action is not conforming with the ways of the world." On today's Episode of Jedi Realist Radio Host MJ Hannigan will be discussing the joys and hardships of remaining true to ones self and not... more

Jedi Realist Radio Presents Back to Basic "The Jedi Compass" Part 3 On this last episode of the Jedi compass we will be discussing the Prowess of the Jedi Realist, Jedi Realist Awareness and wrapping up this section of episodes. I... more

Jedi Realist Radio Reflections On this episode of Reflections host MJ Hannigan will be talking about cleaning out your life. What is important to you? Where do you want to spend your time and energy and where do you end up... more

Jedi Realist Radio Reflections On this episode of Reflections host MJ Hannigan will be talking about Awareness. Awareness Knowledge or perception of a person, situation, event or perceived facts. Topics of discussion Levels of Awareness... more