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8/19/14 3:30pm central time On today's episode of reflections MJ Hannigan will be discussing Conquering Curisity. Having a open mind is great but once truths are known they can not be unlearned and dealing with truths before one is ready to... more

8/17/14 10:30pm central time Join us tonight for Jedi Realist Radio Presents The Way of the Knight part 5 when we talk about wisdom, courtacy and being just in all aspects of our lives. Love and Light

8/12/14 3:00pm eastern time. Join us for today's episode of The Way of the Knight we will be discussing the value of being well spoken, discrete, and pure as it pertains to the knighthood. So please join our host, MJ Hannigan live or... more

Join us on 8-8-2014 at 9:00am for or next episode of reflections. What is recklessness? What is the possible outcomes of living a reckless life? How can one acknowledge reckless decision and can one conquer recklessness.... more

Join us on Wednesday 8/8/2014 for our next episode of reflections. As we aall know having a hyper inflated ego is not healthy but truth be told having a defeatest mindset is just as dangerous. Defeatism is a unhealthy mental state... more

Join us for tonights episode of reflections. Tonights topic will be stubborness its negative effects on your life path, your work and personal relationships and how to conquer stubborness. Show airs live at 11:00pm cenrtial time. Love and... more

Join us on 8-3-14 at 7:00pm central time for our next episode of The Way of the Knight Part 3. On today's episode we will be discussing courage, loyalty and generosity. As we continue through the way of the knight the more I personally... more

On today's episode of Reflections we will be discussing the importance of conquering ones nature to become overconfident in our own lives. We will be discussing how overconfidence can lead to god complexes, or worse ones own... more

On today's episode of Jedi Realism Radio Presents we will be discussing The Way of the Knight part 2 Honor and the Persuit of Excellence. A knight without honor is no knight at all and one needs to keep their honor so they do not bring... more

Sometimes in order to move forward in the present we must Acknowledge the past. At Jedi realist radio we want to give credit where it is due and publicly thank Justin Gate "the boss" and co founder of koa for giving mmea shot to host for... more