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A lifeline that empowers you to put God 1st. Through sisterhood/fellowship we can overcome obstacles through the word of God. Help/Love/support each other.

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We shouldn't' be in situations like this, but when you put your guard down. Here is what can happen. A moment of transparency from Josie

Whe we go through things, God is not trying to punish us. He is teaching us endurance, while building faith. He wants us all to make it. We must do our part, we learn to pay attention, and take notes. May I remind you that He sent his... more

Today I will be sharing with you the importance of detox. Often enough we have junk coming in and we wonder why junk is coming out. Share with you my purpose for my detox, and maybe you can relate. I want to encourage to look... more

Let's get free in Jesus name. No more shackles, no more bondage. Let's get empowered together!

Tune in with me for thanks giving Friday and a segment to empower you to become financially free. Tune with Makeya Durham from New Orleans

Sometimes life have a way of depositing things into our lives. Those things can cause us to be back up. There comes a time when we must detox, go through a cleansing process, we must do inventory. We must do some renovation, and... more

Thank you Lord. Let us pray together.

Letting go and letting God is eaier said than done. what is it that you can't let go? why are you fiding it heard to move forward? let's talk

God is the biggest giver of all times. Not only He gave us his only son to die for us, but He blesses us with children of our own. Many times we are not greatful enough for the gifts that He has given us

Thank you Lord for all you've done for me. Thank for your grace and mercy
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