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A lifeline that empowers you to put God 1st. Through sisterhood/fellowship we can overcome obstacles through the word of God. Help/Love/support each other.

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WORDS: What Others Really Do Say? What are people really saying these days? There's life in death in your tongue. What you can comes fromthe heart...so did you hear what you daid? In the beginnig God spoke, whaever He spoke came to life. Are you speaking life or death. Is it possible that your own word are taking roots and hindering you. Let's talk about it.
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Let every thing that has breath praise the Lord. Are you breathing? Then you know what to do.. Let's praise him in advance for all the things that he did, which is confirmation that He will do it again.

I want to talk to you ALL about certain request. Many times we asked certain things of people and wonder why we're not getting them. Allow me to share with you why I think that is.

Most us go through things and feel that there's no way out. Minister Desiray, a powerful woman of God will share a powerful message with you. She will be available to pray for you on the show for many who want to receive Christ as... more

We go through trials and tribulations and wondered where God is. We ask when will it be over? how long Lord, how long? Many scriptures will be read regarding various things that we go through. You might need a pen and paper for this... more

When we decide to serve the Lord, our mind must be renewed. There are levels that the Lord want to take us and we can't go as is. When you decided to pick up your cross and follow him, you can't have excess bagage. Romans12:2 "Do not... more

Why do we put up with certain things especially when we know better? Why are we afraid to let go when the signs are obvious? Shall we get down to what's really causing this ISSUE. Tune in with me..

After the show what's love got to do with it, my heart was aching. God took me through a process that I thought I faced already, apparently not. This is what he wanted me to share with you

A question that you're probably running from or scared to ask. Do you know what Love got to do with it? John3:16 " for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Many times we get involve in thing or with people that we have no business getting involve with. At what cost will you stop? what will is take for you to see how broke this thing is making you. Ladies it's time to have that talk.. Tune in

Let's start the new year with God. It's a new year. Let's get it right for our sake... In the beginning it was God. I pray that God is your beginning.
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