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A lifeline that empowers you to put God 1st. Through sisterhood/fellowship we can overcome obstacles through the word of God. Help/Love/support each other.

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When we go through things in life, it is human to cry out Lord why me? At the end of the day we don't have the right to question Him. He is God, He knows about all your hurt and all your pain. He's waiting for you to ask for help. He's waiting for... more

Attention ladies and gentleman, It's time to walk the walk and stop talking. You've heard it all, from I like you to I love you. You've heard you're the one but yet there are others. You've heard I mean, but then they lied. We should be doers and... more

How any Jacobs out there who know the worth of a woman. To put his life on hold for 7 years not once but twice All in the name of LOVE. Does love like that exist nowadays? Jacob was tricked, deceived, but he desired Rachel, and his... more

The hardest to do is to watch your children pay for your mistakes. We try our best to choose wisely, but when the flesh is leading, our choices becomes selfish. It's you first then your child... NO it's us because it's a package deal. People... more

Walking with God is not easy, but you fall in disobedience the devil will mess with you even call you out. God can allow your feelings to get hurt to give you a wake up call. The devil himself can remind of who your are "aint that a trip". tune... more

Why do we fight so hard with others , when the word of God clearly states that in Deuteronomy 32:35 and Roman 12:19. There are people who have done you wrong that ypu lost count. Let them be, don't stoop to their level. It probably... more
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