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All Hands on Deck is a political analysis show that will highlight politics all over the country with some emphasis on NY politics as I am from NY.

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There is always huge talk of taxes when it comes to politics. Whether it's the tax and spend liberal Democrats (GOP talking point) or the cut taxes for the rich, abolish the IRS conservative Republicans (Democrat talking point) nothing... more
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Tonight show will be about the current headlines about equal pay, ACA, Paul Ryan's budget, ect. This years election is shaping up to be democrats pitting republicans as having a "War on Women" and a "War on Poverty" while... more

T%onight we will be discussing the Affordable Care Act. The open enrollment period recently ended on Monday

With the failure of the NYS Dream act we revist the U.S. immigration issue. We will discuss current projections and trends, former U.S. Senate bill S.744 created by the gang of 8, CBO projection of that bill, and NYS Dream Act, and... more

We will discuss the 2014 Gubernatorial race. The GOP held an event yesterday in Sryacuse, NY that Donald Trump headlined. Steve Astorino the Westchester County Exec. recently put his name in to run for Governor as well

Tonight is all about Military benefit cuts and also the most recent miltary beneift expansion bill that was shot down in the Senate. The Veterans of this conuntry are being used as political pawns.

Tonight we will discuss some recent news on the common core teacher evaluations and I will give my opinion. I also will be discussing some updated information on whats going on with NYS Safe since it's passing a year ago in... more

Tonight I will highlight Governor Cuomo's plan to give inmates free degrees. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Listen in to hear my opinion and call in to give your own. The hope is we can have a civil discussion on the matter. Depending... more

We will discuss more about the Executive Budget for NY 2014-2015. More specifically the sections re-gaining public trust and public saftey, which includes disaster preparedness. In the wake of these many storms it is important to... more

A explanation of what it will take to create the change we are really looking for.

Tonight we will discuss Governor Cuomo's budget that was released last week. We will also be discussing politics in general