Unveiling The Mysteries Of The Bible


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Airing times are Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri, at 7 PM Central, Wed, Sun, at 10 PM Central, and Sat at 3 PM Central. Of course there are days when I cannot air the program. This treasure hunter has struck Gold. I found the golden streets of the Holy City Jerusalem. The Fountain Of Life has been found. Come with me on a journey into the pages of the Word of God, and you will see just how perfect God's word really is. You will see the unveiling of many hidden treasures from within the pages of that book. Many people think the scriptures are impossible to understand. That is simply not true. After spending many years of trials, studying, and being obedient to the scriptures, the Lord started opening up the treasures he had hidden within his word. The deeper I dug, the more of God's hidden treasure I found. Come and join me on my treasure hunt. Bring in your own nuggets, and see how they all fit together. Hear of many miracles done by our Creator God, that many people don’t even believe exists. Have doubts yourself? Come and listen to some of these programs, and know for sure.
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