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Consideration of selected items of news. The purpose is to put forward thoughts, reflections and considerations upon items of current events.

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The debate in December was a clear indicator of the power and strength of Senator Rand Paul's foreign policy.

In the political run up to the Republican nomination for President of the USA, the nation is witnessing the awesome display of talented and able people who identify themselves as Republican. Is this significant? Is the Democrat party without... more

Senator Rand Paul has proven his worth to the nation and to the republican Party. But, for reasons mysterious of not nefarious, the right, left and middle media have joined in a chorus that Senator Paul should quit the race for the Republican... more

Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, are all crucial nations for the stability of the Mid-East. But there is ISIS. The candidates for our next President have expressed their viewpoints on these countries and about the terrorist organization ISIS. What are... more

I have been an fan of Fox news for a long time. However, lately, I am disappointed. Today, let's spend so time talking about it. Ok?

Hilary in trouble over Libya, Rand Paul signs letter to Iran, Iraq joins with Iran to oust ISIS, Congress attempts to exert its power. What's going on. Let's talk.

Senator Rand Paul has a new and unique approach to foreign policy. Tpday we look at the basic philosophical foundations that we may gleen from his comments on foreign affairs. Is he a so called Hawk or is he a so called dove? Is an an... more

Did Rand Paul clap enough? Is Hilary guilty of breaking the law? Is Rush Limbaugh an enemy of Speaker John Boehner? What is Sean Hannity willing to do to defeat the Republican party?

The Federal Communications Comission has grant many new Low Power FM Station Construction Permits. What does this mean for our society? Is there possibility here? Is this Democracy in action? What are the pluses and the... more