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JazzticFuso Talks

JazzticFuso Talks


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This candid, uncut, raw, speak session, is one that covers very sensitive issues/topics that people refuse to or won't talk or speak about in public.

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Parents are at a lost with all the child laws nowadays. Instead of kids having boundaries, its more like the parents are bound. When are lines crossed? Adult Language and Situations

We will be talking about all the crazy stuf that goes on in the world, from the Pope, to the Dope. We also will be talking about B.O.B (Bend On Bullsh*t)..in other wordsw people who get caught up on the crap that the media puts in... more

Confusion, Violence, Race Problems, Party Issues (it's all bullshit) What would you say if I told you to open your eyes? To really see what's around you. To pay attention to things you think are none of your business because it doesn't... more

This a continuation of the depopulation agenda that is already in play in order for the NWO to gain more control. Their goal is to have on 500,000,000 people on the planet. THAT MENS 6.5 BILLION PEOPLE MUST DIED, and guess what?... more

We will be discussing depopulation and how you will have absolutely no control over it. It's already in the works. Wait 10-30 years....

We will be discussing how the world would be without money. How you survive?

This episode will focus on the price you pay for what you think you want (fame, fortune, money, power). What you have to do to get it, and keep it. This is a very sensitive subject....Mature Listeners only. Discretion is strongly advised.

JazzticFuso Talks addresses everything that is going on as of today, and what will hapen in the future.......PAY ATTENTION, you might learn something.......Topics include....Politics, Moral Issues, Religion, Education,... more

This episode we will be discussing parents and their upbringing of their kids. We will touch lightly on bad ass kids. We will also be discussing other issues that may come up. Feel free to listen in and call us if you want to be in on this action.... more

This is a quick introduction/overview to JazzticFuso Talks. We will have different co-host on the program (mostly unknown). The reason we do this is because we want everyday people to voice their facts or opinions on todays current issues.... more