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When I first met Lynn Littlejohn, it was after Rev Eddie Long was going through his ordeal (I'm not going to say it here, however if you're interested, google or bing it. I thought she was his X wife, however she wasn't. She was somebody else's ex wife. She was on YOUTUBE. You have to check out her channel, she has over a million views to her channel and more. She has written a couple of books. pastorsexwife.org tells the story. If you want the true, this is where you get it. She is open and honest - she's lived a spicy life and she is willing to share it. If you don't like the truth but are willing to sneak and get it, COME 'ROUND HERE (Smokey Robinson) She tells it like it is, and she doesn't bite her tongue. This is the way religion should be. If you were to hear her show over and over (like if she only did one) you would get something valuable each time you listen, because PASTORSEXWIFE/LYNN LITTLEJOHN is like a hit record. Every time you hear her, you want more. 347-205-9366 - Are you ready?
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The show that started it all. The Way I See it with Jay King and now co-host Jimi Kent. Hot topics, hot debates, hot diggity! 347-205-9366 then following THE WAY I SEE IT... The Real Delia with Delia Smith. Co host 6 eyes radio. See it... more

Picture harmony and happiness, a world without arguments or negative points of view. Picture people getting along very well, because they were able to communicate with each other. This is what WELCOME TO MY HOUSE, the... more

We covered supporting products that don't support us, very good conversation, Lynn Littlejohn, Mark Dixon, Ebony Empress, Reylon Ellis - and we covered what if the Trayvon Marting shooter gets the NOT GUILTY verdict, then... more

Funky Rhythm Connection: Donald Grammer puts together a splendid mixture of jazz and R&B. A concept originated by Donald years ago, now on the JKN. Every Saturday @ 12:30p pacific. Lynn Tolliver jr, joins and goes along for the musical... more

A musical trip with master John Davis. There have been some great shows presented by the great Graham. You are welcomed to enjoy or download and listen any time you want. Live shows are every FRIDAY afternoon pacific -... more

THE BASEMENT LIVE WITH GUESTS THE MANHATTANS, is an interview/music format with Joe Williams, Hershel Myers Jr. & Anqui Hemming weekly on Friday from 4pm-6pm PST. 347-205-9366 to listen, & press 1 to... more

From 8am to 10am pacific (west coast), KINGS IN THE MORNING comes at you like a wild wind screaming. Sometimes they're nice, other times they are extremely naughty, but it ain't Christmas, so they don't expect any gifts from... more

From FUNK to SOUL to R&B to just about anything that moves you, E Mack has got a plan for you, dammit. Thrill to the entertainment Eric McAlister has in store for you, right here on the JKN. 347-205-9366 each and every... more

Being compared to the MARX BROTHERS is a compliment. The antics of these latest FAB FOUR will make you stop and take a closer listen. Funny: (at least they think so) filled with information (YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING) and... more

Jay King is an expert in the business of music who has worked in many capacities from management to actual performing artist. tune in every Monday & Wednesday as he navigates you thru the unpredictable business we call music.... more