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Funky beats, a rhythm that will keep you moving and meditating. One of the better CONNECTIONS you're find on the Internet. Donald Grammer cuts, blends, mixes jazz fusion, like no one else. Music is the universal language. When you have a... more

Well, we didn't get a chance to delve into HILARY CLINTON as much as we probably would have liked to, but here we are now. I really don't get the PRE-CON, because it is a con, I have said many times WE DON'T REALLY... more

After you personally come in contact with Lynn Littlejohn, you can't help but be attracted to her open honest way she communicates. A lot of people sugar coat their lives with lies and they hide. This is not the case with Lynn Littlejohn, THE... more

If you know Johnny Davis, you know he's a good guy, now. He wasn't that way when he was young, and you know what? No one probably could have told him he was going to have a show where he would be throwing down the jamms.... more

Fridays are spectacular on the JKN, first a dose of life remedies with KINGS IN THE MORNING, followed by Tony B from the D. Tony Brown from Detroit. The wit and zany tactics of KITM and getting personal with Mya. You'll laugh, you be... more

Crack the crates open, clean out your funkin' ears, let the E Mac drench your surround sound with some soulful spins - you're gonna love it! Get ready for some funk ya'll! Get ready to nod your head and stomp your feet. There is so much... more

Gather around your radio to get the ultimate in broadcasting on the Internet. Multiple flavors, complicated situations, entertainment, information and comedy of all sorts with KINGS IN THE MORNING. This show has been going strong for... more

Tune in tonight to ?#‎HoneyHush? @8pm PT/11PM ET..Robert L. Redwine Jr and Stephanie Beard the topic will be "SEX AFTER 50 EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW!!! Call 347-205-9366 There's a popular perception that older... more

He rides rough & tough with his Afro Puffs! And has the crew to do the doo. Joined by Mr LES, MomoB and Princess Odilia. One of the more entertaining shows on the scene. Listen closely, you might learn something, and this TJRS... more