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This show is a multi-faceted Blog Talk Radio Show which will deal with subjects concerning men, women, the world, the church, ministry, and end-time prophecy, among other things.

On-Demand Episodes

This show will discuss End-time prophecy and current events of our day. Is Jesus soon to return? Are we ready?

Apostle Chappelle will delve into what the Lord has revealed to him about 2011 and beyond. Things concerning blessings, the nations, wars, etc.

Apostle Chappelle will again discuss the prophets, who they are, and how they are called by God to the church. Prophetic grades, accuracy, impartation, etc.

Apostle Chappelle preaching on the Order of the Anointed Ones in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Apostle Chappelle will be discussing the Office of Prophet, his ministry, and grace to the saints. Many people have misappropriated the ministry of the prophet but his show will give clarity to this grace ministry.

Join us as we delve further into the subject of sin with leaders and laity. What do we do with sin? Is there a sin problem? Is holiness a requirement or a prerequisite?

What do we do about sin in the church? Sin regarding leadership? Sin regarding laity? How do we handle sin in the pews? Do we do nothing? Can we judge sin in the pews? Who is authorized to judge sin in the church? Join us for teresting... more

Apostle Chappelle and guests will speak on the subject of revival in America. What are we to do? How do we prepare? When will it come forth?

Apostle Jasper Chappelle, Jr. on the believers role in politics in America.