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Janyelle Huff

Janyelle Huff


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Let's talk about real life and real issues. Janyelle Huff, NLP Practitioner/Life Coach, will coach you to success in all areas of your life. Ready to have physical, mental and spiritual balance in your life and let go of anxiety,depression, addiction, abuse and more.

On-Demand Episodes

Trust the journey you are on right now, easily and effortlessley. Learn to create awareness of your life and stay in natural flow of the unfolding of your life. Let go of control and allow your Heart to lead you all the way through.... more

Join me to learn to create your life intuitively using your abilities to create, discover and enjoy your life now. Learn unique techniques to open into your gifts and to enhance the gifts you already use daily. Fun,uplifing and insightful easy... more

Join me to learn how to stop reacting to everyone and everything that comes your way. Discover unique techniques that allows you to act differently and openly in the moment. Breaking down the interior walls and living in the light of... more

Join me to discover what you love about you is what you love about others. Simple and easy techniques will be given to help you easily love yourself. Let go of judgment, anger, resentment and more now. Learn how to live a life of... more

Join me as I assist you in releasing the fear, doubt, negativity and blocks that keeps you from experiencing PEACE! This 30 min is jammed packed with energy techniques that work instantly in the now. Learn how to equip yourself with... more

Join me as we put you first! That's right, you will learn how to put you and your needs first and still be there for others. Learn how others actually fufil a need within you and the bigger purpose they play in your own self-care. Self-care is... more

Join and discover a new way to align in trust as Christ aligned in His trust. This 30 min will reveal so much to you and for you to understand and create your life through the life of Christ. Exercises and techniques will be given to help you... more

Join me to learn how you are self-sabotaging your own daily miracles. Open and receive a new energy perspective for you to use daily in the now. Release unconscious habits of self sabotage consciously. Create and receive new ideas,... more

Join me as we heighten our awareness with the messages we are receiving daily, moment by moment. Every moment has meaning and when we consciously choose to see,hear,feel and know we can interpret meaning from the Universal... more

Join me as we learn together the meaning in what you sense and know. We will journey into the depths of meaning and what the Universe and God and everyone is telling you. What the signs? How do you interpret meaning? Staying in... more