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Take Time Ministries

Take Time Ministries


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The aim of this Non-Profit Ministry is to teach ho Cw to keep the simplicity and purity of the Spirit of God. How to identify His character. How to get to know Him. How to display His character.. How to become One with Him. The name "Take Time" was chosen because it alerts us to the factor, Time, that is commonly given to all life. Mankind from the moment we take our first gulp of air/breath, this action begins our individual "time" on earth. The count-down of life begins and no one knows the length of time that he/she has been given. However once we are old enough to understand right from wrong, it is our responsibility to use our "time" wisely, carefully. For God will one day bring into Judgment our deeds (Romans 10:12). This time of accountability will define how we spent our "time' and/or lifespan. "Take" indicates that each person must make a conscious decision to "act". Whatever the chosen deed, once it is put into operation the affect will be for good or evil. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that one treasure his/her God -given ability to move in a well thought out manner. Caring for the needs of others is the motivation that links these two powerful words:Time and Take. With the emphasis being placed on "Ministries" which clearly reveals that there are many areas in one's life that must be addressed: Bible Study, Bible Reading, A Place of Expression, For Your Ears Only:Train Her, Prayer,How To;How It Works. John 12:49,50 are the scriptures that Take Time Ministries will be guided by until His return!

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The troubles that are daily laid on the servant of the Lord by the demonic wolrd governed by satan cannot defeat you or I. The many assaults (sickness, financial concerns,family disputes,work-place upheavels) and the like, if looked at through... more

Time,Place,Approach(Attitude), This continuation is meant to tie all the ends together that will help the person who is interested in developing a "solid prayer life." Leading a daily prayer life is not optional, rather it assures the new convert... more

My desire to live for Jesus, to walk with Him consistently is dependent upon my understanding of the power of a solid prayer-life. One might pose this question:"How do I establish a solid prayer-life?" Others may be be confused... more

Prayer is not given to us as a burden to be borne, nor as an irksome (annoying,irritating,exasperating,tiresome) duty to be fulfilled! I believe that Prayer is our greatest priviledge. When the new convert embraces this truth he... more

As determined -.seekers in the things that pertain to Prayer it is of utmost importance that we give ourselves to the time and expend the energy that it takes to become Prayer-Warriors! Probably the highest compliment that can... more

Our WEAPON OF PRAYER will be the most sustaining of all the weapons that the Lord has placed at our disposal! Knowing how to use this weapon of which Jesus placed great emphasis:"And he spake a parable unto them to this... more

"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life;and man became a living soul (Genesis 2:7). And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam,and he slept:and he took... more

Fasting has beome replusive to many so called Christians. They have been fooled by satan to think that they can live this new life in Christ Jesus by setting their own standards.I warn each man and woman to cherish the standards that God... more

It is my distinct pleasure to teach this Lesson as the New Babe in Christ Jesus often has many questions about this wonderful life giving experience. I will guide you as a newborn creation in Christ Jesus by using the Word of God,your... more

Steps? Can the path to receiving eternal life through true Repentance and Remission of sins be as simplistic as you have outlined in your teachings? This question may have already surfaced in your mind. The answer is a resounding... more