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Rev Janice Hope Gorman

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Janice (Hope) Gorman. Ordained Interfaith Reverend and Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Channeler, and Teacher. The North Shield is your own North Star- As I entered into the silence of a winter's eve in the water of my hot tub, I looked upon the stars and I was whisked away into an ancient temple. There was still crystalline snow falling around me as I was taken to a counsel of elders who spoke to me about personal integrity and personal wisdom. The North shield represents a sacred place where elders are and they sit waiting for all to come. I invite you to come listen to how important it is to sit in the silence of your own wisdom. Many current events are happening now and of course many people want to give you advice. My shows are all about entering into your own wisdom and following your own north star. If you have been wondering or confused about your next part of your journey, this show will help you sit in silence with three important questions for your own soul to answer. Our shows are typically only 60 minutes, just long enough to help you get started on listening to your own inner wisdom. Namaste' Rev. Janice Hope Gorman

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For a few years now, the veil between the physical and invisible worlds has been thinning. Now the presence of our brother and sisters from the Stars can be felt by most of you. Come join us on Tuesday, July 31st LIVE at 7:00 p.m. Rev. Kari Chapman, conscious channel for Archangel Michael and the Ascended Masters. Internationally known as a Teacher for the Teachers. Author, Healer and helper to all! She will be bringing through priceless information and full disclosure of our Star Family that is here on the planet at this time. This is her first incarnation as a human being and she has come from the Stars to tell us information about our Star family that is here to help us. She will also be talking about gathering together with your Star family members to help raise the vibration on the planet at this time. Please feel free to call us to be on the program with Rev. Kari Chapman with any questions about our Star Family and full disclosure of our roots! The number to call is 213-559-2974 press the number one and our programs director will put you on the air with us! Rev. Kari Chapman from the Namaste Healing and Educational Center, W7872 Co. Rd. B, Lake Mills, WI 53551. 920-648-3580 and 920-988-3636 www.namaste-wi.com
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Rev. Kari Chapman, was extremely intuitive at a very young age. Not wanting to be different she tried to fit in. But at the age of 15,16 and 18 she began to have a conscious connection with Angelic Beings and since then it has never stopped!... more

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