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You name it and we will talk about it. We laugh . We cry. We disagree. We make one hell of a team! -We are YOUR station for the most candid conversation.

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Join J & S as they meet for yet another random encounter in the vocal blogsphere! It's wild, it's crazy and it's totally unschedueld so listen in for midnight minutes that will NOT be wasted, but humor that will certainly be... more

J and S meet for a midnight soiree on the airwaves. Hitting you with random ratchetness as only they can, please believe it when they say: "Yes....we are just that cool to do a show after midnight about NOTHING. Seinfeld #HaveASeat."

This episode will be the much anticipated debut of team J&S together as they illuminate the airwaves with candid humor and uncensored commentary. It will be candid, unCut,& scrupulously captivating!! Simply electrifying!